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Prospective Students

If you are a new or prospective student, you should review the following information, which will provide you with valuable insight into requirements, transferring credits and courses, admissions, and the University community as a whole.

Transfer Information
If you are coming to Harpur College carrying earned credits, or having taken courses (including AP or International Baccalaureate) which may carry credit or fulfill requirements, you should view the materials contained here.

Harpur Degree Requirements
Harpur students are held to high standards, and are encouraged to grow academically and personally through our Harpur Degree requirements. The coursework and level of scholarship expected of Harpur students is detailed here.

Harpur Orientation
The homepage for orientation features information for incoming students. You can view helpful resources prior to orientation, and learn more about initial theregistration and advisement for new students.

The admissions site will provide you with detailed admissions information. You can request materials, learn how to apply online, view what Binghamton University has to offer, and schedule a visit.

Harpur Degrees and Programs
View the various Harpur College tracks of study, and the various departments that house our diverse body of faculty and students.

Transfer Equivalency Tables
Use these tables to determine what courses from selected colleges and universities will transfer as equivalent courses. These courses may be taken without petitioning for credit. Please visit the forms area for more information on petitioning courses from schools not listed on the tables.

AP Credits and AP Equivalency Tables
Use these tables to determine how AP courses may transfer, and to determine the grading threshold for the awarding of credit.

International Baccalaureate Policies
Binghamton University students may earn credit by exam for coursework completed in high school under the Higher International Baccalaureate Program. Please view the policies and criteria on this page for complete details.

Credit and Course Transfer FAQ
If you have a general question not answered using the above policy documents, try the FAQ, designed to give succinct answers to common questions or concerns.

Planning Information for Science Majors (PDF, 34k)
For your convenience we list those mathematic and physical science courses that are common introductory courses required for science majors and typically open to students in the freshman or sophomore college years. This list is not intended to be all inclusive and you are strongly encouraged to consult the Binghamton University Bulletin for requirements for a specific major features tools, techniques and resources designed to assist you in creating the means and structure to effectively plan your current semester and beyond.

2010 Orientation Advisor Selection


Orientation advisors (OAs) work with faculty and staff members during Orientation to assist new students and family members in their transition into the diverse, academic, intellectual and social culture of Binghamton University. Below is specific information about the Orientation Advisor position as well as an application.

Orientation Advisor Job Descripton


As an Orientation Advisor, you serve as a paraprofessional staff member within the Office of New Student Programs. You would provide guidance and information about Binghamton University to new students and families.Some of the responsibilties of an Orientation Advisor include:


* serving as an Orientation Advisor for all aspects of the Student and Family Programs, including implementing a special program about student life issues

* actively and fully participate in extensive training for the position

* serving as a discussion group leader with new students and families

* serving as a peer academic advisor who leads small group meetings, campus tours and handles various administrative duties associated with the program

* serving as a guide and knowledgeable source of information for new students

* serving as a role model representing the University and display a positive attitude, which involves being enthusiastic about Binghamton University

* working with the Office of New Student Programs in planning and implementing ongoing orientation events during the 2010-2011 academic year and assist with recruitment & selection of the 2011 orientation, and assist with recruitment & selection of the 2011 orientation advisor staff




* Minimum grade point average of 2.5 during the application process and throughout their time as an Orientation Advisor

* Be in good judicial standing

* Must be enrolled as a full-time, undergraduate student in the Spring '10 and the Fall semster '10


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Benefits of being an OA


As an Orientation Advisor, you will receive the following monetary and fringe benefits:


* free summer housing in Susquehanna Community ($1350 value)

* $150 meal card and meals throughout the orientation program

* Fitspace employee discount for the summer membership (1/2 off)

* Summer Health Fee waived ($25)

* Summer stipend of $2000, however, due to job responsibilities Orientation Advisors serving in the role of Resident Assistant or Discovery Assistant will be unable to work our August Orientation – Session X, therefore these students will receive a stipend of $1800.

* $100 for working January 2011 orientation

* BU gear: polos, jacket, bag, t-shirt, shorts, and lots of other freebies!


You will also receive the following intangible benefits:


* knowledge about Binghamton University history, policies, procedures, etc.

* opportunity to work with a diverse group of people

* make friends with fellow staff members

* leadership development & organizational skills

* personal satisfaction from helping new students and their parents

* chance to assess and determine personal strengths and abilities

* enhance networking skills and abilities with Binghamton University faculty and staff

* gain practical experience in teamwork and role modeling


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Application process


1. Complete an OA application, which is available by clicking the link below:"


* Please e-mail a copy of your resume to after completing the application.

* Applications must be submitted by Friday, February 19, 2010


2. Upon submitting your application, please sign up for a 30 minutes - 45 minutes interview in the New Student Programs Office, which is located in College-in-the-Woods Library, Room 202 on the second floor. The interviews will take place between February 24th and March 5th.


3. At the interview, each candidate will be required to give a short presentation (3-5 minutes) that explains your quality attributes, and why you are an ideal candidate for the orientation advisor position. Be creative and have fun with it!


4. In conjunction with the Career Development Center, there are two sets of practice interviews through the Optimal Interview program that you may use to practive for your individual interview. For more information, please check out


5. After the interview process, our office will invite you to participate in our Group Process. The Group Process will be held Sunday, March 14th (time and location are yet to be determined).


Note: Applicants will be notified no later than Friday, March 26, 2010.


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