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Taking A Summer or Winter Session Class

If you're thinking about completing summer or winter session coursework at a different university or college, here's a few brief instructions and resources to help you understand the transfer process.

    1. Your first step is to identify the coursework you need or would like to complete over the summer months. Feel free to consult with an advisor to determine the best options for summer course completion.
    2. Once you identify the course or requirement you would like to address over the summer or winter, you should begin exploring institutions. Many students take courses at their local community college or a nearby SUNY center. Students in the NYC area also attend CUNY schools frequently as well.

General Education or Non-Major Elective Courses:

After identifying a school, take a look at our Transfer Tables, which show you all of the equivalencies we have for courses at other institutions. The table contains courses that will automatically transfer. If you see a course on the table which has a Binghamton equivalency, you know that you can take that course without petitioning, or otherwise seeking the University's permission.

Major Courses:

If you are taking a course to complete a major requirement, you should see 
your major advisor to be assured the course will qualify, even if the course is on the list. If you are majoring in English, Economics, Psychology or Biology you MUST petition ahead of time in order to have a transfer course counted in your major. English, Economics, or Biology students must complete a transfer credit petition from our "Forms & Petitions" page for major courses.

Not on the List:

If a course you want to take, or a course you need, does not appear on the transfer table, you may still be able to take it. In this case, students should

    1. submit a transfer credit petition from our "Forms & Petitions" page to the Harpur Advising office if it's a General Education course or Harpur college requirement course, or
    2. submit a petition to your major advisor if it is a major requirement.  Once you're all set, take the course, pass the course with a C- or better, then have the registrar of the summer institution send your transcript to:

Office of Undergraduate Admissions

Binghamton University 
PO Box 6001 
Binghamton, NY 13902-6001

The course will appear on your DegreeWorks or DARS before pre-registration in the Fall semester. Please note that Fall is a high volume time for transfer credit processing.


Last Updated: 4/29/19