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Harpur Law Council Newsletter

Spring 2016

Engagement with the Harpur Law Council of Binghamton University provides opportunities for law alumni and pre-law students. Read more about our current and next generation legal professionals and learn how you can become involved. We welcome your feedback and encourage you to visit our website to learn more.

Linda S. Riefberg, Esq. '81
Chair of the Steering Committee, Harpur Law Council

michael garcia


Law Alumni Spotlight - Michael Garcia '83

By Travis Clines

Binghamton University alumnus Michael Garcia ’83 has been accepted into the highest court in the state of New York. Garcia was nominated by Governor Andrew M. Cuomo on January 20, 2016. The New York Senate confirmed his appointment to the Court of Appeals on February 8, 2016.

Judge Garcia graduated with honors from Binghamton University with a bachelor’s degree in English. He received his master’s degree in English from William & Mary College and his juris doctorate from Albany Law School, where he was valedictorian.

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Harpur Law Council


Where Are They Now?

Catch up with former Harpur Law Council Public Interest Law Interns

By Tess Sackmann

Binghamton University graduate Jennifer Rosen ’11 wants aspiring law students to understand the value of networking.

“Networking is ten times more important than you think it is,” Rosen said.

This year, Rosen will graduate from Duke Law School and begin working for Simpson Thacher & Bartlett LLP. She said her success relied on the networking opportunities she had at Binghamton. 

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Harpur Law Council Winter Session

Winter Session Class 2016

Alumni instruct pre-law students at Winter Session class

By Tess Sackmann

The path from undergraduate education to a career in the legal field sometimes veers off in unexpected directions.

At a four-day course offered in January to students interested in hearing more about the legal field, several Harpur College alumni spoke about their contributions in varied areas of the law, and the steps they took to get there.

The 16 students enrolled in the “Current Issues in Legal Practice” class at the IBM Building in Manhattan were hosted by Scott Ferrauiola ’87, associate general counsel for IBM and lead lawyer for IBM Watson. The class was led by Harpur College Dean Anne McCall and Leah Joggerst, director of Harpur constituent relations.

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Harpur Law Council


Introducing the NEW Law & Society Facebook Page

The Binghamton University Law Society now lives on Facebook. LIKE our new page for articles relating to Criminal Justice address the questions and nature of what a society classifies as criminal behavior and how a system of investigation, due process, judgment, and punishment date back to the earliest civilizations. What "criminal justice" means in America, is defined by our history and evolving jurisprudence. The articles and issues discussed here will hopefully ask questions and find a few new possible answers.

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Harpur Law Council


Join us in strengthening our network

Membership and committees

A Steering Committee, appointed by the Dean of Harpur College, directs the projects of the Harpur Law Council and is supported by the following working committees. The committees are open to non-steering committee volunteers who seek to enhance the mission of the Harpur Law Council.

  • Internship Committee: Enables placement of pre-law students in public interest law internships.
  • Membership Committee: Encourages the involvement of law alumni volunteers interested in furthering the goals of the Harpur Law Council.
  • Social Media and Marketing Committee: Utilizes social media and marketing tools to increase the visibility of the Council and conduct outreach to law alumni to further engage them with the Harpur Law Council, Harpur College and Binghamton University.
  • Network/Mentoring Committee: Provides opportunities for alumni in the legal profession to network and reconnect with Binghamton University and the Harpur College community. Provides opportunities for alumni to share their professional experiences and advice with current students interested in pursuing a career in the legal field through social media platforms, special events, panel and roundtable discussions and networking events both on and off campus.
  • Development Committee: Explores ways to increase funding for Harpur Law Council projects and Binghamton University, including funding for the Pre-Law Public Interest Law Internship to enable the program to grow and better prepare Binghamton students for a career in law.



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