Fellowship Guidelines

The Nature of the Fellowship

The purpose of the Harpur Fellows Program is to encourage student development by helping Harpur undergraduates pursue a passionate interest through a self-designed project that is not part of an academic program, internship, or study abroad program.

  • While projects may be related to a student's major, minor, or career interests, they need not be.

  • There is no set length of the fellowship experience; its duration will be determined by the applicant and dictated by the amount of time necessary to complete the project as described in the application.

  • While fellows may travel abroad to complete their projects, they need not do so. Projects can be undertaken locally, nationally, or internationally, depending on the nature of the project.

  • Projects supported by the fellowship must have the promise of contributing to the community, although that community may be local, in another part of the state or the United States, or in another country.

  • To allow students to focus their attention on their project, they may not be enrolled in any academic program or internship during the duration of their fellowship.

  • For most students, this means that they will complete their fellowship during summer or winter break. However, applicants may choose to take a semester leave from the University to complete their fellowship.

  • Harpur Fellows will receive up to $4,000 to defray expenses associated with their project. Students may supplement the award with personal funds or support from grants or other sources, and those amounts may be reflected in the project budget.


Wendy Neuberger at the Harpur Edge Office (or call 607-777-3626)