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Program Overview

Liberal Arts to Careers Externship (LACE) is an exciting Harpur Edge sponsored program that provides a select group of Harpur College students the opportunity to explore career options and gain insight into the realities of the workplace. Selected students will be matched with an alumni sponsor for a shadowing experience at the sponsor's workplace. Students will be matched with sponsors based on interests and availability, as well as geographic locations. Preference is given to sophomores.

This is not an employment program. There is no expectation that sponsors provide or arrange employment or internships; rather, this opportunity gives students a chance to meet professionals, learn about their experiences and get constructive feedback that will help them prepare for the future.

By participating in the program, students are investing in their own professional development. It is recommended that students and sponsors meet three to five times over winter or summer break for at least one half day per session. Specific dates will be set up between the student and sponsor. Students are responsible for their own transportation.

For more information about participating in the Liberal Arts to Careers Externship, please click below:

LACE opportunity gives sophomore a head start on career

Read about Samantha Cowen's experience as she completed her LACE externship at Traveler's Insurance. "People need to know how great this opportunity is. It did so much for me." Read More.


Ashley Serbonich
LACE Coordinator; Assistant Director, Harpur Edge
Location: Harpur Edge Office: Library North 1105
Phone: 607-777-4278

Last Updated: 2/19/18