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Summer 2020 information will be posted in January.  


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Program Overview

LACE participants are matched with a professional alum for a shadowing experience over winter or summer break. Students and mentors meet at the sponsor's workplace 3 to 5 times for at least one half day per visit. The program is structured to ensure the opportunity for success by providing flexibility to meet the needs of each mentor/mentee pair. Student participants are required to attend an orientation prior to the externship. Each pair establishes goals and plans logistics for their shadowing experience. At the conclusion of the shadowing session, students reflect on their experience and complete a program evaluation.

Testimonials/Previous Placements

"As a freshman, the LACE program was an ideal starting point to explore what my interests were. As I reflect on my experience in LACE, I have a better feel as to what careers and fields I am leaning towards. I liked the how flexible the program was because I was still able to work and travel in between my visits with my mentor. I recommend LACE program to anyone who wants to learn more about a career they have an interest in. You won't know whether or not a profession suits you, until you see it with your own eyes!" - Sophomore Cinema major, LACE participant summer 2018

"LACE gave me an opportunity I would not have been able to find anywhere else, and showed me a HUGE glimpse into what I might be interested in pursuing as a career. For anybody who has the opportunity to participate in LACE should 100% do it without any doubts." - Senior English major, LACE participant summer 2018

"The LACE Program helped me gain a unique, first-row seat to the career I want and allowed me to understand the demands and responsibilities associated with it. My mentor was able to go above and beyond in answering all the questions that I had, while teaching me about the position. Overall, the LACE program has allowed me to narrow down my career choices, while exposing me to the professional world." - Junior Philosophy, Politics & Law major, LACE participant summer 2018

"The LACE program has helped me feel confident pursuing my career, as I now know exactly what to expect in the future. After doing this internship, I learnt many interesting things about the healthcare industry and it helped deepen my interest in the field. As a result, the Lace program has helped me be sure of my career choice to go to medical school." - Junior Biology major, LACE participant summer 2018

How do students benefit?

  • Explore careers and work environments and test interests

  • Observe day-to-day activities and ask questions to learn more about a potential career field

  • Understand important competencies needed for career success

  • Gain exposure to the expectations and culture of organizations, as well as workplace dynamics

  • Develop relationships with professionals and build a professional network

  • Acquire marketable skills

  • Learn and practice appropriate business etiquette

  • Apply skills learned in college both in and out of the classroom to real life experiences

  • Make informed choices about electives, internships, minors and other academic options during junior and senior year

How might students spend their time?

The sponsor and student will collectively shape the externship experience. Depending upon the particular site, the student may be a participant, an observer, or both. Activities might include:

  • Observe work being performed by shadowing sponsor and/or co-workers

  • Speak with sponsor about their career field, career path, job responsibilities, experiences

  • Attend staff or committee meetings or presentations

  • Take a tour of the organization

  • Participate in informational interviews with staff members to understand the organization, industry and future trends, and career paths within this field.

  • Attend a training program for new employees

  • Complete or assist with a sampling of work assignment

  • Observe client interactions

  • Have lunch with sponsor and/or co-workers

  • Meet Human Resources staff to understand what they look for in college graduates

  • Meet with Binghamton alumni who work at the organization

  • Meet young, recently hired staff to understand their experiences

How to apply:

Harpur students in good academic standing with a minimum 2.75 cumulative GPA who will have completed a minimum of one year of college by the start of the externship are eligible to apply. Preference is given to current and rising sophomores. Interested students must:

  • Complete the online application including uploading your professional resume.

Applications are no longer being accepted for winter session.
  • You will be asked to rank your top 5 externship sites as part of your application.
  • The student recommendation form (Google Form) must be completed by a faculty or staff member at Binghamton University.  The recommender cannot be another undergraduate student.

  • All application documents (online application and recommendation form) must be received on or before the deadline in order for the application to be considered. Applicants will receive notification as to whether they have been selected for an interview. 

  • To apply for financial support to participate in LACE, complete the Harpur Edge Support Fund application AFTER you are accepted to the program.

Selection Criteria

Students are selected based on evaluation of the application, resume, recommendation and the interview, along with the availability of a sponsor match based on career interest and geographical preference.

Additional Information

Students are responsible for their own transportation. Students will not receive academic credit or pay.

Note: Students who wish to participate in the LACE program and who have previously been convicted of a felony are advised that they will be asked about their prior criminal history. This may impede your ability to participate. Students who have concerns about such matters, or are looking for additional information, are advised to contact the dean's office of their intended academic program.

The matching process

  • Students are matched with a sponsor based on interests and availability, as well as geographical proximity.

  • Preference is given to current and rising sophomores.

  • Students are notified of their acceptance into the program and will receive information about their sponsor during the mandatory orientation.


Wendy Neuberger
Location: Harpur Edge Office: Library North 1105
Phone: 607-777-7133