Restore at the Edge

Restore at the Edge

This program is useful for student seeking an uninterrupted mental space to restore their CHI or life force. Students are under a tremendous amount of stress and pressure. Mindfulness is a remedy. Research findings indicate that those in educational settings experience benefits like greater attention, focus, memory, increased performance, decreased stress and anxiety.

This six-week program is a guide to develop the skill of mindfulness through mental and physical meditation practice that strengthens our natural abilities to bring moment by moment awareness to our lives. (Muesse, 2011). At each gathering general topics will be introduced through the lens of mindfulness, like managing stress and then different contexts of meditation are practiced. At the beginning and end of each session, members will be invited to share about their experiences from each session, and ongoing practices. More guided meditations will be lead on sitting, focused breath, scanning the body, presence and awareness.

Students are asked to commit to all six group sessions, meditate daily for at least ten minutes (resources will be made available), and although journaling is recommended, it is not required. The facilitator will be available via email.

Students can register in advance on b-engaged. Limited space available, reserve your spot today. 10 students can participate in person and all can join virtually for each session on Instagram Live @HarpurEdge.

Restore Topics/Schedule

Week 1 - Simple Awareness

  • Breath

Week 2 - Stress: Responding vs. Reacting

  • STOP: The One-minute Breathing Space

Week 3 - Dealing with Thoughts

  • BIG DEAL MIND Week 3-4

Week 4 - Relationships

  • Turning Toward...

Week 5 - Mindfulness and Communication

  • Mountain & Lake Meditations

Week 6 - Mindfulness and Compassion

  • Lovingkindness Meditation