Harpur Edge Signature Programs

Signature Programs

Harpur Edge signature programs are another way we help students take charge of their liberal arts and sciences education. Learn more about these programs below:

Harpur Fellows Program

Harpur College undergraduates can apply to receive up to $4000 to design and conduct their own community service project anywhere in the world during summer break! 

Liberal Arts to Careers Externship (LACE)

Harpur undergraduates are matched with Harpur alumni for a brief shadowing experience at the sponsor's workplace during winter or summer break. Students can explore career options and gain insights into the realities of the workplace. 

Harpur Edge Distance Mentoring Program

Harpur undergraduates can schedule one-on-one virtual mentoring meetings with Harpur alumni in a wide range of professions.   

Dr. Ellyn Uram Kaschak Summer Research Grant

Awarded to a Harpur College undergraduate student conducting research in the field of social justice for women and girls.

Harpur Law Council Pre-Law Public Interest Law Internship Summer Program

Enables students to experience the practice of law in the public sector by connecting them with Harpur Law Council member attorneys and other Binghamton University law alumni.

Harpur College Summer Physician Mentor Program

Sophomore and junior pre-medical students can experience the realities of medicine by shadowing Harpur alumni physicians in the New York metro area over summer break.

Need Help with Financial Assistance?

The Harpur Edge Student Support Fund was established to provide Harpur undergraduates with financial assistance to pursue experiential educational opportunities. Grants of up to $1,000 are available to students who qualify.

The Harpur High-Impact Student Learning Endowment provides students with grants of up to $4,000 to participate in High-Impact Learning opportunities provided by Harpur College.