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Academic Honesty

Mutual integrity and trust are at the core of Harpur College's and Binghamton University's educational mission. The Academic Honesty Code – which can be found here in the University Bulletin – establishes guidelines for academic integrity on our campus.

Should you suspect a case of academic dishonesty in your classroom, please first consult the Chair of the Harpur College Academic Honesty Committee via email to discuss your options for addressing the situation. Depending on the individual case, there are several possible courses of action:

  • If the offense is minor AND the student does not have a record of a previous infraction, you may use an Admission of Dishonesty Form. By signing this form, the student acknowledges and accepts responsibility for their actions and agrees to an appropriate penalty set by the instructor. A note is put on the student's file and, provided they do not have another infraction during the rest of their college careers, the infraction is expunged from any University records once they graduate.

  • If the offense is major OR the student already has at least one infraction, the case is automatically referred to the hearing process, where it will be resolved either through an administrative hearing with the Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs or through a full hearing before the designated hearing board in Harpur College. In these case, the reviewing body will ultimately determine the appropriate penalty, if one is needed. More information can be found in the Harpur College Academic Honesty Hearing Procedures.

Questions about this process or academic honesty in general can be directed to the Chair for Academic Honesty Committee or the Harpur College Dean's Office.

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