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Harpur College

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An Outstanding Liberal Arts Education in a Leading-Edge Research-University Environment.

Harpur College's three divisions (Division of Fine Arts and Humanities, Division of Science and Mathematics and the Division of Social Sciences), 26 departments and 14 degree programs offer a multitude of opportunities for students. Harpur College students gain an understanding of themselves in relation to our global society and the natural and physical world, and they are challenged to exercise the essential techniques of logical thinking, efficient communication and scientific reasoning and analysis. It prepares them for success in the professions as well as careers in business, finance, government, education and social services. They also gain an appreciation of different cultures and viewpoints and become effective decision makers. We are grateful for your decision to support Harpur College of Arts and Sciences. Any amount makes a difference.

We have also outlined a range of funding priorities designed to meet the long-term needs of Harpur College as well as the more timely, opportunistic goals that arise on a day-to- day basis.

Funding Priorities 

Other Funding Opportunities

Interested in Establishing a Named Fund For Research?

You can help our students and faculty create, discover and transmit knowledge by establishing a named fund for research. For more information, contact John Koch at 607-777- 6844.

Last Updated: 12/1/17