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About LxC

Background and Purpose

Most university students lack curricular opportunities to develop foreign-language competencies in their areas of academic interest. At the same time, international students lack opportunities to employ their non-English language skills during the course of their education. LxC addresses these problems by enlisting international and multi-lingual students as Language Resource Specialists (LRSs) to prepare target language materials for use in courses that would not usually include such materials. The long-term goal of LxC is to establish a campus-wide expectation that students will be able to make meaningful use of any language they know in any class at any level anywhere in the University curriculum.

LxC can be reshaped to fit most any institution. It is adaptable to the student, faculty and institutional needs and resources. Check out the CLAC Consortium website for examples of how other universities and colleges have worked to integrate language and cultures into their curriculum.

LxC Goals

  • Incorporate language and cultural knowledge into discipline-specific study and research
  • Encourage students to incorporate language and cultural knowledge into discipline-specific research
  • Foster, maintain and enrich the language abilities of all students (native and non-native speakers)
  • Extend intercultural information and international perspectives on course subject matter
  • Underscore the intricate connections between language, culture and meaning
  • Heighten long-term motivation to maintain and enhance language cross-cultural knowledge

Last Updated: 3/1/17