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Benefits for Faculty

Faculty who choose to offer LxC options to their students design their courses so that LxC assignments mesh with the course design and outcomes.

Benefits of including an LxC component in your course include:

  • Creating a more integrated learning environment.
  • Energizing your disciplines in new ways.
  • Opening doors for students (and yourself) to acquire new information on the subject matter.
  • Highlighting the global range of your disciplines and the multiple perspectives represented by scholars in your field.
  • Incorporating language and cultural knowledge into discipline-specific study and research.
  • Encouraging students to make meaningful use of language through the study of discipline-specific texts.
  • Fostering and drawing on students’ intercultural information and international perspectives to explain course subject matter.
  • Expanding students’ intercultural awareness through interaction with a Language Resource Specialist with deep personal knowledge of another language and culture.
  • Increasing opportunities for your students to hone their critical thinking and research skills.
  • Nurturing students’ appreciation of the intricate connections between language, culture and meaning.
  • Giving students an active role in shaping the course curriculum around individual and group interests.
  • Offering students the opportunity to be co-creators of knowledge through research and discussion.
  • Helping students to maintain and enrich their language abilities, whether native or non-native speakers.
  • Heightening students’ long-term motivation to maintain and enhance their language skills and cross- cultural knowledge.

Last Updated: 3/1/17