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Sample Language from LxC-Supported Courses

1. Edited from Emily Stovel’s LA&C 480E

If there is sufficient student interest, an LxC component can be added to the course. Electing the LxC component involves 1 hour a week of complementary course work in any language other than English (i.e., Spanish or Portuguese). A minimum of 6 students are needed to read short articles related to the issues developed in the larger course. Eight LxC sessions will be offered throughout the semester, and at least 7 must be attended to receive full credit. Students who participate in LxC will be exempt from a portion of the LA&C requirements. Participation in a language study group replaces one of the 4 book summaries required throughout the semester. LxC participants would receive their 5 grade points from attending and participating fully in a minimum of 7 of the LxC classes. In addition, students will receive a notation on their transcript that they participated in LxC for LA&C 480E.

2. From Jane Connor’s PSYC 239

The LxC option: This option will be described in class on Friday, January 24 by the Director of Languages Across the Curriculum. It is an option, not a requirement of the course. In a nutshell, it involves reading a small amount of material related to the topic of this course in a language with which you have some reading proficiency and meeting weekly (for 8 weeks) with a small group of students and a Language Resource Specialist to discuss what you have read. Students who successfully complete this option receive certification of this activity on their college transcript. Students who complete this option are exempt from completing 2 weeks of narratives and narrative responses and may write about their LxC activities in 2 of their Out Of Class Learning Experiences (OOCLE), not having to complete the 1-3 hours of OCCLE activity described above for these 2 OOCLE write-ups. Note: Students are not exempt from writing OOCLE responses and students who do not complete LxC are not exempt from any narratives or OOCLE activity. Students can elect this option at the beginning of the semester.

3. From Rachelle Moore’s LA&C 271 syllabus

The LxC option: Any analysis of Latin American and Caribbean American history, culture and society is greatly enriched by an understanding and awareness of authentic language source materials. Students in LA&C 271 have the option of doing part of their course work with LxC.   With the support of the Languages Across the Curriculum program, interested students will be able to do readings in Spanish or French and to join language-specific study groups led by qualified graduate student Language Resource Specialists (LRSs) to further explore issues related to Mexican History and Art. Working on a student-centered model, LxC participants are encouraged to become co-inquirers as they work with the Language Resource Specialist (LRS) to develop an overarching question and curriculum for the LxC section.

Students who participate in LxC will be exempt from the normative History and Art modules for the course. In lieu of the two 5-8 page papers, LxC participants will be required to attend 8 one-hour weekly sessions (beyond the required classroom hours) with the LRS, and to present a final project at the end of the term using both Power Point and a web page. The instructor must first approve topics, but the LxC student teams, in cooperation with the LRS, will decide project configuration and format.

Last Updated: 3/1/17