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LxC Student Obligations

LxC study groups meet for one hour per week for 10 weeks, outside of regular class or discussion-section meetings for the host course, at a time determined by the availability of the participants.  Students who participate in LxC receive a grade of “Pass” in a zero-credit transcript entry indicating the language and course of their completed study-group participation.  Students who fail to satisfactorily complete LxC do not receive the transcript notation.

What students say about their LxC experience:

“I used what I learned in LxC and applied it to my main course. It helped my grade too!”

“I used LxC information for term papers.”

“I learned to look at issues from many perspectives.”

“The environment was comfortable for students of ALL language levels.”

“LxC helps me embrace my cultural background.”

“I enjoy going to LxC and doing the assignments…I can’t say the same for the rest of my classes.”

Last Updated: 2/2/18