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Harpur Fellows 2013

The 2013 Harpur Fellows

What is the fellowship?

The program — made possible by the support of Harpur College alumni and donors — is designed to give talented, highly motivated, imaginative undergraduates the opportunity to pursue a self-designed project that will serve the community and contribute to their intellectual and personal growth. The fellowship provides support that will enable up to four recipients to pursue a passionate interest in a manner not possible through a regular academic program.

Those selected will receive up to $4,000 to pursue their project and give a public presentation on their accomplishments when they return to campus at the conclusion of the fellowship.

Sarah Glose

Sarah Glose, junior, English major, from Syracuse, N.Y.

Project: Theatre Performance for Students Who Have Limited Arts Education

“I partnered with Skaneateles Summer Theatre in Central New York to offer a free performance to students who are underserved in the arts and/or have underdeveloped arts programming as a part of their education. Skaneateles Summer Theatre put on a production of Les Miserables, and I was able to work with them to offer one of the performances as a free private showing. I also organized a pre-show discussion with the directors of the musical, as well as a college student who was involved with the production.”

What does it mean to be chosen as a Harpur Fellow?: “I am so honored to have been chosen as a Harpur Fellow. I think it is amazing that (Harpur College) supports learning outside the classroom in this way. I think the Harpur Fellows Program fulfills an essential role at the University because it enables students to pursue their passions in a way that they may not otherwise be able to. This kind of learning is so important, and this is an opportunity that I think many more students should take advantage of.”

Kenneth Roman

Kenneth Roman, senior, English and history major, from Endicott, N.Y.

Project: Book and a Movie/Family Afternoon Movie

“Book and a Movie was hosted at the George F. Johnson Memorial Library in Endicott. For this project I gave teens books to read and then brought them together to watch the movie adaptation of the book they just read. Book and a Movie Club members did projects based on the books and the movie adaptations. Their projects were then put into an exhibit for people to see the hard work they did for the program. The second project I used the grant money for was called Family Afternoon Movie. For Family Afternoon Movie, I brought families together at the George F. Johnson Memorial Library in Endicott to watch family-friendly movies. Before each movie I would give a brief introduction to material related to the movie. After the movie, family members were asked to come together and talk about the movie they just saw. Coming and participating gave families a chance to win prizes.”

What does it mean to be chosen as a Harpur Fellow?: “It means I was given the opportunity to run the programs of my dreams. Thanks to the grant, I was able to build two programs from scratch and give the participants of my programs opportunities to learn, watch, read and discuss in ways that I would not have been able to do otherwise and may never be able to do again. The Harpur Fellows Program gave me a starting block that I can now build on for future programs at the George F. Johnson Memorial Library.”

Parawana Yasmin

Parawana Yasmin, senior, integrated neuroscience major, from Queens, N.Y.

Project: Project Bhon (Sister) in Bangladesh

“What I have set out to do is gather a group of 30 mothers, 10 postnatal and 20 neonatal mothers, and educate them further on their health and nutrition through workshops and some physical aid. I first interviewed the mothers to retrieve some personal information and understand how much knowledge about nutrition they already possess and where they are lacking. From this I created two workshops where I spoke in detail about various topics that are vital for themselves and their babies’ well-being. Along with the workshops I administered a pre-test to measure their aptitude on the topics before the workshops and then the same test again afterwards to measure their retention of information. This post-test will be administered to them by hospital staff for five consecutive months to continue measuring their retention.”

What does it mean to be chosen as a Harpur Fellow?: “It means that I was able to accomplish a dream of mine that I’ve had since I was a child. I’ve always told my parents that once I have the ability and finances, I will return to Bangladesh as often as possible and give back in whatever way I can. I have always wanted to be a doctor and give away free treatment to the neediest patients all over Bangladesh, and Harpur Fellows has given me that opportunity to give back. Without our wonderful alumni and donors I would never have been able to accomplish this project.”

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