Mission and Vision Statement

Mission/ Vision Statements

The mission of the Decker Student Health Services Center is to promote and support student wellness through education, prevention and treatment in a caring atmosphere that respects the unique qualities of each individual. This mission is realized within a vision of optimal wellness for the campus community through implementation of “cutting edge” approaches to health education, disease prevention and holistic health care. This will be accomplished by providing population based health and wellness education and high quality medical and nursing care for prevention, treatment and restoration to health.

The Decker Student Health Services Center has identified the following Core Values of the organization:

Student-Centered: We are committed to provide competent, confidential healthcare in a student-centered environment in a respectful, open, friendly and trusting manner.

Customer Service: We are committed to the efficient delivery of high quality healthcare, consistently striving to exceed the expectations of our clients and community partners.

Education: We educate students on becoming independent healthcare consumers through promotion of wellness and guidance towards health issues.

Quality: We ensure students receive high quality, accessible healthcare through accreditation, continual education and coordination of care with specialists and primary care providers.

Advocacy: We advocate, at all times and in all venues of the campus/community for the physical, psychological, emotional and social health and well-being of our students.

Team Approach: We foster a collaborative environment that stresses open communication and consultation between all Health Services team members, while also maintaining student confidentiality.

We demonstrate excellent service, professionalism, and confidentiality to all constituents, including patients and fellow staff, and adhere to the following principles:

We foster a culture of excellence and patient oriented services and treat all constituents (both fellow staff and patients) with dignity, respect and professionalism.

We communicate civilly when offering constructive criticism and providing input or feedback to others.

We work within the established chain of reporting.

We abide by decisions made and understand that decisions are made in support of the goal of the best patient care.