Student Services

Student services

Academic Advising

  • CCPA Academic Advising

    CCPA is offering advising via Zoom and phone. Our peer advisors are developing how-to videos for scheduling, attending Zoom appointments, etc., that will be distributed via email and social media. To reach an academic advisor call 607- 777-9199 or email
  • Decker Division of Advising and Academic Excellence

    Decker's Division of Advising and Academic Excellence is offering virtual walk-in advising with professional advisors. View Decker's events webpage for a full list of times, advisors and Zoom meeting IDs. We are also answering our main phone line remotely at 607-777-4954 and always answering email.
  • Harpur Academic Advising

    Harpur Advising is advising students via phone and Zoom. Students can either call 607-777-6305 and speak to an advisor on call or schedule an appointment directly on Starfish. Appointments can be either phone or Zoom — both options are listed in Starfish and students can easily select how they'd like to meet. Advisors are available Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., with additional evening hours on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday until 7 p.m. Students can also continue to send quick questions via email to

    Students should view Harpur Advising's COVID-19 resource site for faculty advising hours and other useful registration guides, forms and resources.
  • SOM Academic Advising

    SOM Undergraduate Advising is conducting all appointments online via Zoom, email at and phone at 607-777-2316.

    All students will be able to access Zoom by logging in with their PODS username and password. Information on how to use Zoom can be found online, along with how to access walk-in hours for SOM Advising using Zoom and to view our Google calendar to see when we are available.

    We have moved all of our forms online.
  • Watson Academic Advising

    Watson Advising is available to students via phone at 607-777-6203, email at and Zoom. Students who wish to speak with an advisor over the phone should email first to request a phone appointment.

    Regular appointments are still available via Starfish. Starfish appointment slots are set up as Zoom meetings by default. Students will be automatically emailed Zoom meeting information upon scheduling an appointment. We will have peers conduct sessions in how to register, use scheduler and be successful in an online course via zoom beginning in a couple of weeks.

Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs (ATOD)

The ATOD office is providing services for students via computer and phone. For more information, email

BFirst Network Mentors

BFirst is the mentoring network for first-generation faculty, staff and students at Binghamton University. Being FIRST means paving the way for others and that journey can be daunting. BFirst seeks to provide first-gen students at Binghamton with the opportunity to connect with first-gen mentors for support, information, insight and inspiration to help you thrive and succeed as you pursue your degree. If you are among the first in your family to attend and/or graduate from college in the U.S., join BFirst. Additionally, BFirst hosts virtual events to address the ongoing challenges first-gens face, while providing guidance from fellow first-gen speakers. Contact Marissa Zelman at for more information.

Binghamton Advantage Program

The Binghamton Advantage Program office continues to offer services and support to students online via ZOOM, phone and email. Staff are available during regular business hours for meetings and responses to email. If you have an inquiry or need to schedule an appointment, email Go online for more information regarding your Binghamton ZOOM account.

All academic support services provided through SUNY Broome’s Learning Assistance Department have moved online, including tutoring, supplemental instruction, the Math Lab and Writing Center. Online tutoring via STAR NY is also continuing to be provided for SUNY students across the state in seven core areas through the end of the term. If you are looking for strategies to assist with transitioning to an online learning environment, time management, productivity and much more, Binghamton's Peer Success Coaching is available to you.  

Binghamton University Interfaith Council (BUIC)

The Binghamton University Interfaith Council (BUIC) is composed of various religious institutions and organizations from around the greater Binghamton area that have committed themselves to serving the religious and spiritual needs of the University community. BUIC includes campus ministers/faith leaders as well as established Student Association (SA) chartered faith-based clubs. The members of BUIC pledge to respect the diversity of religious experience while maintaining the integrity of their own beliefs.

Campus Recreational Services

Campus Recreational Services has created a webpage to provide tips on how to stay active. Some physical activity is better than none, and any amount of physical activity has some health benefits. Check out the Stay Active page online.

CARE Team 

The CARE Team is offering Zoom, phone and email appointments. To schedule, students only need to email or call 607-777-2804 to schedule. All of our same services are still available.

Other mental health resources:

Dean of Students

The Dean of Students Office has a "Here to help" page that lists on- and off-campus resources by category. 

Educational Opportunity Program (EOP)

EOP continues to offer counseling and advising services to students online via Zoom, by phone and social media “live“ available functions. All EOP tutoring and academic coaching is offered online via Zoom. Front Desk Managers (student employees) have new work assignments that can be completed remotely. The Academic Support Services coordinator has provided in-depth training to all TC staff and will also continue to meet regularly with them via Zoom for the remainder of the semester. 

Financial Aid

See the Financial Aid frequently asked questions page

Fleishman Center for Career and Professional Development

The Fleishman Center is offering online services via phone, email and Zoom meetings — and has increased the number of appointments available and expanded appointment hours.

Appointments are available for any career-related or professional development topics, including but not limited to, career exploration, the job or internship search, mock interviews, networking, résumé or cover letter reviews and more.

In addtion, students can find helpful information and links regarding their job and internship searches during the COVID-19 pandemic online.

Food Pantry

To lessen the risk of exposure and to better ensure the safety of students and the staff working at the Food Pantry, the campus Food Pantry has moved to an online ordering process. This process will allow enrolled Binghamton University students to order once a week and will allow pantry staff to pre-bag items for pickup in the lobby of Rockefeller Center (RC).

The online ordering form will require a student's first name (for pickup purposes), B-number and a choice of day/time for pickup. Food pantry staff will bag the items and have them ready at the requested pickup time.

To ensure our inventory is up to date on the online ordering form, the form will be available each week beginning at 3 p.m. Friday for the following week’s orders. We strongly suggest students submit the form Friday through Sunday — most items will be replenished at the beginning of the week and will be granted first-come, first-served based on when the form is submitted.

Email us if you are unable to pick up your items or have any questions. 

Information will also be posted to the Food Pantry social media sites:

  • Facebook: Binghamton University Food Pantry
  • Instagram: foodpantry_bu

Also be aware that there are food pantries and other resources in the greater Binghamton community:

Harpur Edge

Our virtual office is fully staffed by Harpur Edge Student Associates on Zoom from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday through Friday when classes are in session. Sign on if you need help:

  • making a Starfish appointment with Wendy or Erin;
  • nominating faculty for the 2020 Harpur College Mentoring and Teaching Awards;
  • getting started using the new Binghamton University Mentor Match platform;
  • and so much more!

Health Promotion and Prevention Services (HPPS)

HPPS has developed a COVID-19 resources page that includes information about services that are available virtually and answers to a number of frequently asked questions, as well as several targeted pages where students can find resources on:

In addition, to request a specific HPPS program via Zoom, email the following:

  • MHOPE: See below.
  • REACH: (programs include safer-sex and general health information).
  • 20:1: (programs include bystander intervention and sexual assault prevention).
  • The Tobacco Free Ambassadors are hosting virtual tobacco cessation coaching. If you are interested in participating, email Chelsea at to sign up.

Healthy Campus Initiative

The Healthy Campus Initiative: B-Healthy, is offereing Virtual Wellness Wednesdays, a well-being trifecta including a webinar, an at-home activity and resources connecting you to one of the many dimensions of wellness. All webinars are held from 12:30-1 p.m. Wednesdays and you only need to register once. The program for each week is promoted on B-Line and Dateline, and you can find the complete schedule, along with video demonstrations, online.   

International Education and Global Iniatiatives (IEGI)

IEGI continues to advise and provide support services via a remote platform. Updates will continue to be posted on the IEGI homepage.

International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) 

All advising is now provided remotely during standard advising times. Should you need to speak with an advisor, call the ISSS at 607-777-2510 between 10 a.m. and 11:45 a.m. on Monday and Tuesday, or between 1:30 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. on Wednesday and Thursday. Document pick-up and in-person services (i.e. travel signatures) have been temporarily suspended; however, we will continue to monitor the email as normal. Frequently asked questions for ISSS can be found online. Should you have an urgent need for an in-person service, send an email, including your name and B-number.


MHOPE continues to offer presentations via Zoom, which can still be scheduled by emailing We will continue to do our best to provide suicide prevention and mental health outreach and messaging to students. The most up-to-date content can be found online and on MHOPE's Instagram page @mhopebing.

Multicultural Resource Center

The Multicultural Resource Center (MRC) is now supporting students virtually with virtual office hours through Zoom. Appointments can be set with staff through the following:

Feel free to connect with MRC staff if you are facing any challenges during this difficult season, are interested in internship and/or volunteer opportunities for the coming year, want assistance with transitioning organization officers, are interested in planning any virtual events and more. For general questions, contact Connect with us on social media at @MRCBinghamton for cultural news and details on virtual events.


Are you feeling anxious or distressed? Perhaps you just need someone to talk to? Call the Ombudsman.

Appointments are available between 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. during the academic year and 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. during the intersessions. Appointments are available by telephone and/or skype appointments only. Appointments can be scheduled outside of the above hours with advance notice.

Call Shanté Riley at 607-777-2388 to schedule an appointment. If there is no answer, leave a voicemail with your name and phone number. If the telephone is not an option, email Shanté at but do not include details about the concern, including bccs, ccs or forwards pertaining to the concern.

To learn more about the office, visit the University Ombudsman's website.

Peer Success Coaches

Peer Success Coaching, a student-centered service, is managed out of the Department for Student Transition and Success. Virtual appointments are available using Zoom and can be scheduled on Starfish for coaching on topics including:

  • success in an online learning environment
  • time management
  • productivity
  • study skills
  • note-taking skills
  • navigating the transition to college

Q Center

The Q Center's new 24-hour virtual center is open for business. Join through this invitation link

Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD)

Staff are available via email and phone during normal operating hours from 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday through Friday, whether working from the office or remotely. DO NOT COME IN PERSON TO THE SSD OFFICE. Contact SSD at or 607-777-2686 with any questions or concerns.

All meetings will be done via Zoom. Sign up for a Binghamton Zoom account online. Alternative methods of meetings could be arranged if necessary based on individual circumstances, though in-person meetings will be avoided.

Social Work graduate interns

Residential Life MSW Interns are still here during their set office hours, providing outreach and support to students, but all outreach and support is through Bmail, Zoom or phone calls. 

Speaking Center

The Speaking Center is accepting appointments for the spring 2020 semester, to be conducted through the University's Zoom interface. You will receive a Zoom meeting link via email after setting an appointment. Appointments must be set the day before the scheduled meeting (at least 24 hours in advance of the appointment). 

Supplemental Instruction

Supplemental Instruction is facilitated group study by undergraduate students (SI Leaders) who have previously taken the course and excelled in it academically. We arrange for SI Leaders to be available to aid in academic success for classes that students traditionally find challenging. Supplemental Instruction is still being offered via Zoom for the following courses: PSYC 243, PSYC 111, ECON 162 and BIOL 114. 

Transfer Student Services

The Transfer Student Services office continues to offer services and support to students online via ZOOM, phone, email and social media platforms. Staff are available during regular business hours for meetings. If you have an inquiry or need to schedule an appointment, email Go online for more information regarding your Binghamton ZOOM account.


SSS is currently holding services virtually. For information about how and what, check this Google Doc, which will be updated as information changes. 


University Tutorial Services is online. Students still sign up for sessions via Starfish and the tutor then creates a Zoom meeting for that time and sends the student a link to join. Writing tutors, who are usually housed at the Downtown Center, will be slightly different since they are on a walk-in basis and will also be using Zoom.

The best email for questions regarding our tutoring is

University Counseling Center

The University Counseling Center (UCC) is open for business! Need emotional or psychological support? The UCC is currently using a telecounseling platform for services as described below.

  • Telecounseling services are being delivered through the Zoom platform whenever possible, but also include some telephone calls depending upon the technology available to students and/or staff. The UCC uses procedures and settings in Zoom to ensure full IT security of sessions.
  • Individual service options continue to evolve to meet the needs of our student community as we strive to adapt our services to the ever changing impact of the ongoing pandemic. Students may call the UCC front desk at 607-777-2772 to schedule a tele-meeting with a counselor to discuss your mental health concerns, some ways to cope and what follow-up options might be available given the UCC’s scope of service. We continue to provide referral assistance to students seeking to connect with off-campus counseling or psychiatry services. Students are encouraged to check secure messages (Health portal link) for previous communications from UCC staff.
  • A variety of pre-recorded as well as synchronous (live) workshops have been offered during the spring semester to provide students with support and resources regarding anxiety management, meditation practices, improving motivation and coping strategies specific to the challenges posed by the ongoing quarantine. Prerecorded workshops are available on our website and additional workshops are under development for the fall semester. If you are interested in a UCC staff member providing outreach presentations to a class or program, contact the front desk at 607-777-2772.
  • The UCC is currently reviewing options to resume group counseling in the fall semester in compliance with social distancing guidelines as well as recommended best practices. We will continue to post updates about this as information becomes available.
  • During the summer months, the UCC provides telecounseling services to Binghamton University students who are registered for summer classes. Current Binghamton University students who are residing in the Binghamton area during the summer and who are enrolled for the coming fall semester can also access services at the UCC within our scope of care by paying a one-time summer health services fee of $45.00. Call the front desk at 607-777-2772 to schedule a tele-triage consultation to discuss your therapy needs. Treatment recommendation(s) (e.g., brief counseling at the UCC, off-campus referral, psychiatry referral) will be discussed at the end of this consultation with consideration of the UCC's scope of services.
  • Staff will respond to urgent and emergent needs via same-day teleservice, with emergencies triaged to determine what is the appropriate level of care.
  • After-hours support remains available through the main counseling number at 607-777-2772 and press #2.
  • For assistance during regular hours and after-hours, call the UCC main number at 607-777-2772.
  • For emergency assistance call 911 or your local hospital, or see the Emergencies page on our website for other resources.

Writing Center

The Writing Center provides free tutoring in college writing for all students. Tutors are available online Monday through Friday to assist you with any assignment from any class — essays, arguments, research papers, reports, analyses, editorials, proposals, abstracts and lab reports, as well as with critical reading, developing presentations and citing sources. You can make your appointment the same way you always have by scheduling your appointment online.