Diagnostic Testing FAQ

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Confirmation testing

  • If I test positive at the Surveillance Testing Center, do I need a second test?

    If you test positive at the Surveillance Testing Center, you will be considered to have COVID-19. No further testing will change that designation. Since the Health Department is in charge of determining those who must isolate, Binghamton University does not have the ability to alter this requirement; therefore, no further testing will be done and you must isolate.

Diagnostic testing

Reporting positive results received from a home test or an off-campus provider

  • If I live on campus, do I have to report a positive result from a home test kit or one received from a test administered off campus to the University?

    Yes. Any residential student who tests positive for COVID-19 on a home test or on a test administered by a provider off campus must report their positive test to the University and enter isolation. To report an off-campus test result (e.g. a result from a test not administered at Decker Student Health Services Center or the Surveillance Testing Center), students must email Safe Housing at safehousing@binghamton.edu as soon as possible after receiving the positive result.

    The email must include your B-number, cell phone number and the date of your positive test.

    University staff will call you at the number you provided to follow up and discuss your isolation options as soon as possible. In the meantime, wear a mask, stay in your room and monitor your phone.

  • What do I do if I have a positive home test for COVID-19 while I am in Binghamton?

    A major drawback of home tests for the self-diagnosis of COVID-19 is that they do not automatically get reported to any medical provider or official at the Department of Health, so no contact with the ill person is made, and no contact investigation to identify at-risk individuals is done. 

    If you have a positive home COVID-19 test while you are in Binghamton, regardless of whether you live on or off campus:

    • Immediately put on a mask and avoid contact with other people.
    • Write your name, date of birth and the date you performed the test on the test device and then place it in a sealed plastic bag in case a medical professional requests to see it.
      • Upload a photo of the test device to the student health portal using the "COVID Positive Test Results" function.
      • In the accompanying message, indicate the EXACT date your symptoms began or that you have no symptoms.
    • Immediately report your positive test result to the Broome County Health Department using this short survey. This will ensure that you are contacted by them and individuals you have exposed are identified.

    If you live on campus:

    • Follow the instructions in the previous FAQ.

    If you live off campus:

    • Isolate in the bedroom of your apartment until you are contacted by a University or other health official.