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Binghamton University World Suicide Prevention Day

REACH attended the the World Suicide Prevention Day and made sure that students were engaged with fun games talking about health. We were able to plant over 1,100 yellow flags to symbolize the amount of college students that commit suicide every year. Check out the video and hear what Senior Counselors and other student groups had to say.




Binghamton University 'Speak About It' Program

Health Education and REACH hosted the first 'Speak About It' program. Binghamton's freshmen attended the mandatory program that was hosted at three different times during that day. 




World AIDS Day

December 1st is World AIDS Day. To show their support in the fight against AIDS, the REACH Peer Inters organized events in dining hall across campus. Students decorated red ribbons that would be made into one giant quilt.


Last Updated: 10/16/17