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  • Each semester, all registered Binghamton University students (full- and part-time, graduate and undergraduate) pay a student health fee as part of tuition. This fee supports the Decker Student Health Services Center programs and services.
  • Access to the Decker Student Health Services Center has been pre-paid through your student health fee, so you won’t be charged for most center visits, health education materials or programs. Your health fee also covers the cost of some medications and common medical supplies as long as center medical staff provide them to/order them for you. See Free or Fee for more information.
  • Some commonly prescribed medications are available at the Decker Student Health Services Center. If you need a medication not available here, you’ll be given a prescription for purchase at a local pharmacy/drugstore (a list is available from us; some deliver to campus).
  • Students taking summer courses and those wishing health services during the summer incur a summer student health fee.

Last Updated: 8/11/16