Domestic Health Insurance

All domestic undergraduate students will automatically be enrolled in the Student Accident and Sickness Plan (University health insurance) unless you waive this plan online. Information about health insurance plan benefits is can be found at online. See our Health Insurance webpage to find out more about waiving the health insurance and why you need health insurance.

Waiving health insurance — removing insurance charge from your bill

Because full-time domestic undergraduate students are required to have health insurance, either through your parents' coverage or through a student insurance policy, your online waiver must identify the specifics of the alternate coverage before your enrollment in the University plan can be waived. Part-time students who do not have alternate coverage and who wish to waive the University plan cannot use the online process, and should instead contact Student Accounts at 607-777-2702.

If you waive the University insurance plan, we'll assume you don't need coverage in subsequent semesters unless you inform us that you do.

Before waiving the University plan, be sure your current coverage can be used for outpatient (laboratory and radiology) services and specialist referrals in the Binghamton area. Local systems include UHS and Lourdes Hospital. And if you're waiving the student plan, make sure you understand your insurance coverage and have important insurance information (contact information, plan and group numbers, etc.) on hand.

Health Insurance Waiver Instructions: New domestic undergraduate students should submit an online waiver if they wish to waive automatic enrollment in the University's health insurance plan. See our Health Insurance webpage for more information. This waiver must be submitted through BU Brain to the Student Accounts Office before the sixth week of classes, or you'll be responsible for the cost of the insurance.

What are deductibles, coinsurance and copays? What is an EOB? United Health Care offers guidance to these questions in an online video.