Health Requirements

Failure to meet these requirements will place holds that block you from registering for courses.

Here are instructions that will show you how to check you immunization status. It also includes dates for the international TB clinics.

Certificate of immunization

Record of 2 MMR's (or documentation of 2 Measles, 1 Mumps, and 1 Rubella) is required by New York State law for entrance into Binghamton University.

There are 2 ways you can send us this information:

  1. Certificate of Immunization completed and signed by healthcare provider
  2. OFFICIAL DOCUMENTATION of your immunization history

*You do not need to send both forms if required information is complete on one form*

Meningococcal vaccination response form

One of the following is acceptable to meet the Meningitis requirement:

  • A vaccine record indicating at least 1 dose of Meningococcal ACWY vaccine within the last 5 years or a complete 2- or 3-dose series of MenB
  • A signed response form indicating that the student will obtain Meningococcal vaccine within 30 days
  • A signed response form indicating that the student will not obtain immunization against Meningococcal disease

*If the student has not received Meningococcal Vaccine within the past 5 years, they MUST submit the signed response form*

Students can find the Meningococcal Vaccination Response Form at

You will need your Binghamton University Computer Account username and password to log into this site.

Mandatory Medical/health history/tuberculosis questionnaire

Complete this form online:

  1. Log in to
    You will need your Binghamton University computer account username and password.
  2. Select FORM near the top
  3. Select and complete the Medical/Health History/Tuberculosis Questionnaire

*The Tuberculosis requirement must be submitted prior to registration for the next semester. It is best for you to complete this requirement as soon as possible to avoid any holds for the next semester.

Are you Under 18?

If yes, a completed  Consent to Treat form is mandatory.

New students who are under the age of 18 must have their parent/guardian complete this form to authorize Decker Student Health Services Center staff to provide medical or emergency treatment to the underage student.

Forms may be submitted in ONE of the following ways:

  • Mail
    Decker Student Health Services Center
    Binghamton University
    P.O. Box 6000
    Binghamton, NY 13902-6000 USA.
  • Upload
    Via the Patient Portal (

Mandatory Tuberculosis Screening

Medical/Health History/Tuberculosis questionnaire, which is completed and submitted online at Additional information about tuberculosis screening and PPD skin tests is provided below.

International Students Quantiferon TB Tests

Message for Students Requiring Quantiferon Test in KOREAN

Message for Students Requiring Quantiferon Test in SPANISH

Message for Students Requiring Quantiferon Test in MANDARIN