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You can help your student make a healthy transition to college by taking the following steps.


Immunizations, Health Examination and Health History:

  • Update immunizations before your student leaves for college and document them on the Certificate of Immunization Worksheet. To access the Worksheet, have your student log onto They'll need their Binghamton University computer account username and password. On their home page, in the Education section, is a link to "Immunization and Health Form Submission Instructions." Click the link to open a document with detailed instructions on how to complete and submit the online Medical/Health History/Tuberculosis Questionnaire and the Certificate of Immunization Worksheet. Both forms are required for all new students.
  • The Decker Student Health Services Center provides some immunizations free and others for a fee. See Immunizations and For New Students for more information.
  • A physical exam isn’t required by Binghamton University, but it is strongly recommended. Athletic teams or clubs may have different requirements, so check with them to be sure. You are encouraged to send any important health information to the Decker Student Health Services Center for inclusion in their student medical file.
  • Make sure your student knows about his/her health history. If your student has a chronic health issue that requires follow-up on campus:
    • Get a summary letter from your student’s physician/provider and forward that to the Decker Student Health Services Center
    • Encourage your student to schedule an introductory appointment with center staff
    • Encourage your student to carry a list of his/her medications, allergies, and insurance card.
    • If your student needs allergy shots, the Decker Student Health Services Center can give you a list of local providers as we do not offer this service on campus.

    Print, Complete and Send Forms:

    Before your student arrives for Orientation, have him/her (See For New Students for additional information.):

    • Complete and submit the online Medical History form and Immunization Worksheet with supporting proof of immunity. You can access the instructions for these forms as outlined in the previous section.
    • If your student is under 18 years old, please fill out the Under 18 Consent for Emergency/Medical Treatment (43k pdf) and submit it with the Immunization Worksheet and required immunization records.

    By the 6th week of classes, have your student:

    • Your student is automatically enrolled in the University’s Student Accident and Sickness Plan. However, if you have alternate coverage, have your student submit the online Health Insurance Waiver found on BU Brain by the 6th week of classes. (Instructions can be found at the Student Accounts website ).


    • Update prescriptions.
    • If your student takes prescription medication, have him/her bring an ample supply, and consider having your student’s doctor call the prescription in to a local pharmacy. If your student's doctor wants the Decker Student Health Services Center to write prescriptions, please ask him/her to send records to us. Attention Deficit drugs are a special exception to this. Our program information is found at ADHD Agreement.
    • If your student wears glasses or contact lenses, send a copy of the current prescription with him/her, to make getting replacements easier.

    Health Insurance:

    • The Decker Student Health Services Center provides most services at no or low cost. Payment for healthcare outside the center is your student’s responsibility, which is the reason your student should have health insurance.
    • All domestic undergraduate students are automatically enrolled in the University’s Student Accident and Sickness Plan. If you don’t wish to remain in this plan because you have alternate coverage, submit an online waiver through BU Brain by the 6th week of classes. Instructions on submitting the waiver can be found at the Student Accounts website . If your student waives the University insurance plan, we’ll assume he/she doesn’t need coverage in subsequent semesters unless we’re informed otherwise.
    • Inform your health insurance company that your student will be away at college, and inquire about the level of coverage in the Binghamton area. Please be sure your student’s current health insurance coverage can be used for outpatient services and specialist referrals in this community and that he/she understands any limitations to this coverage. Local providers in the Binghamton area include Lourdes Hospital and the UHS healthcare network.
    • Provide an insurance card (with policy numbers, billing address and pharmacy information) or a photocopy (front and back) and encourage your student to carry it with him/her.
    • Discuss with your student when and how to use health insurance and what limitations (if any) his/her insurance has.

    Other Tips


    About Parental Notification

    The Decker Student Health Services Center acknowledges the concern you have when your student is ill and away from home, but we also recognize the need to maintain a strict policy of confidentiality regarding patient records. Therefore, your student must sign an Authorization for Release of Protected Health Information (8k pdf) before any information may be given to you. This authorization isn’t a “blanket” information release; it must specify the illness or injury we may release information about and to whom this information may be given. In unusual circumstances, the student’s oral consent is adequate. Once the release is signed, a center nurse or other staff member will be able to answer your questions. In the event of a health emergency, Decker Student Health Services Center officials will make every effort to ensure parents have been contacted. In many cases, a student will already have called home or have asked others to do so.

    About Missed Classes Due to Illness

    Class absence due to illness is an issue your student should discuss with his/her professors. If a faculty member has questions or concerns after speaking with your student, he or she may call the center to confirm the nature and extent of the illness or injury, providing your student has signed an Authorization for Release of Protected Health Information (8k pdf) authorizing us to discuss the case.

    If your child returns home as a result of an illness or injury, it’s important to notify the Dean of Students Office , the academic advising office (for students at Harpur College) or the academic adviser of his or her professional school. The Decker Student Health Services Center also appreciates being notified, especially if your student may need follow-up care upon returning to the University.

Last Updated: 3/31/17