Mindful Awareness Practices

Mindfulness is "a form of mental activity that trains the mind to become aware of awareness itself and to pay attention to one's own intention...it requires paying attention to the present moment from a stance that is nonjudgmental and nonreactive... At the heart of this process...is a form of internal 'tuning in' to oneself that enables people to become 'their own best friend' [promoting] a foundation for resilience and flexibility." (Siegel, 2011)

8-week program overview

The eight-week program includes teaching on the following: meditation; the interconnection
of mind, body, and emotions; stress management; emotional flexibility; self-regulation;
re-perceiving; neuroplasticity; mindful eating; mindful communication; mindful listening;
intrapersonal and interpersonal attunement.

At each gathering at least one of the following meditations is practiced: sitting, body scan,
awareness of the breath, choiceless awareness, mountain, lake, loving-kindness.

Students are expected to attend all eight group sessions, meditate daily for at least ten minutes, and read Kabat-Zinn's book Wherever You Go, There You Are. Journaling is strongly recommended. Brief readings, poetry, visuals, handouts, a reference list (articles, books, websites), and meditation recordings are offered to support students' practice and growth. The facilitator provides weekly e-mail recaps on session topics and is available by e-mail throughout the program to respond to participants' program-related questions.

Students must register in advance and complete brief, confidential surveys at the Decker Student Health Services Center.

Facilitated by Rachael Leonard, LMSW, who has trained extensively at the Center for Mindfulness, University of Massachusetts Medical School.

Program options

  • Wednesdays, 5 p.m., Mountain View AP-111 - starts Sept. 26
  • Thursdays, 5:30 p.m., Downtown Center 228 - starts Sept. 27


The following forms below are required to be completed to pre-register for the Mindfulness Program. Return the completed forms to the Decker Student Health Services Center or email them to health.services@binghamton.edu.