Mindfulness Specialists

Angie Dellapenna, MS, LMHC, NCC

Senior Counselor

University Counseling Center
Rachel Leonard
Angie Dellapenna

Angelica Dellapenna is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in the University Counseling Center
(UCC) who works with individuals who might be concerned about alcohol and other-drug use.  Additionally, she works with those living with chronic medical conditions and others who are
experimenting and exploring their being.  Approaches implemented in her work are mindfulness based cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing and mindfulness
based relapse prevention.  She leads group therapies offered at the UCC, including dialectical behavioral therapy and mindfulness-based stress relaxation therapy in a support group for students with medical conditions. College students are under an enormous amount of pressure and stress; mindfulness and meditation are great ways to enhance daily routines, decrease
stress hormones, improve relationships, memory and, focus, and ultimately to lead to efficient and successful academic performance.