Psychiatric consultations

  • If you’re experiencing a mental health emergency, call 911, Harpur’s Ferry student ambulance service at 607-777-3333 or go to the nearest hospital emergency room (Lourdes Hospital, UHS Binghamton General Hospital or UHS Wilson Medical Center).
  • Ramona Mazzeo, MD, is a board certified psychiatrist who, along with other primary care providers, performs psychiatric consultations at the Decker Student Health Services Center.
  • Appointments for psychiatric consultations are made by internal referral through our registered nurses, nurse practitioners or physicians. Referrals are also received from the University Counseling Center.
  • Students who wish to make an appointment for a psychiatric consultation must call the Decker Student Health Services Center at 607-777-2221 first to speak with a nurse.
  • Students in need of on-going psychiatric care as assessed by center staff may be referred to a private psychiatrist.