What to Expect

Access to Care
Students may access care by arranging a Triage Phone Appointment with one of our nurses. Important information is collected during this interview. The information contained in our flyer: "Psychiatric Appointments: What to Expect" is shared with the student. The interview information is routed to our psychiatrist or medical director. Within 3 business days the student will receive a Secure Message through our electronic health record which will give recommendations about care, behavioral health resources and, if indicated, will assist with an appointment at DSHSC.
  1. Connect to Counseling: Connect with and maintain a regular counselor, on or off campus, until symptoms are stabilized. Medication only treatment without therapy/counseling support is not considered an effective standard of care for students in distress.
  2. Communicating with Providers: The preferred method of communicating with providers is through the electronic health record in the student health portal through myhealth.binghamton.edu. Messages will be checked Monday through Friday during office hours and may take 24 hours to reply. You may also contact us by phone at 607-777-3711 (leave a voicemail with your complete name). In an emergency, or if the concern is urgent and after hours, call 911 or contact the psychiatric emergency room (CPEP) at Binghamton General Hospital at 607-762-2458. For counseling in times of distress, contact the University Counseling Center at 607-777-2772 (there are on-call phone counselors available during evenings and weekends). ** link to UCC page
  3. Policy for Missed Appointments: If you miss more than 2 appointments in the span of one semester without at least 24 hours' notice to cancel you may be discharged from the practice and required to see an off campus provider for further assistance. Keeping scheduled appointments is an important aspect of care and refills may not be provided if appointments are not kept or rescheduled in a timely manner.
  4. Summer and Breaks: Prescribing over summer and breaks is at the discretion of your provider. If you are told you need to get a home provider for monitoring, you need to follow the recommendation. Refills may not be provided over the summer if you are not in town to be seen for appointments.
  5. When you leave the University: If you leave school due to a suspension, medical leave, or graduation, you can no longer receive psychiatric services through BU providers, this includes refills of medications. As you approach any decisions to leave the University you will be prompted to immediately look into options for off campus providers including contacting and updating your primary care provider. Referral assistance is available through our treatment coordinator at University Counseling Services.