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PhDs Awarded

Recently Completed Doctoral Dissertations

PhD Recipients, 2014-2015 (to date)

CONWELL, Katharine (BA, University of Rochester; MA Binghamton University) "Moved by the Sprit: Itinerancy and the Evangelical Legacy of the Great Awakening"

ENGLE, Megan C. (BA/BS Bloomsburg University; MA, Binghamton University) "The Congress for Cultural Freedom, Modernization, and the Cultural Cold War in Anglophone Africa, 1958-1967"

GASHLER, Daniel J. (BA, Brigham Young; MA, Binghamton University) "From Partisans to Politicians to Punks World War II in Slovenia, 1941-2013"

TIMONIN, Michael S. (BA, University of Ottowa; MA James Madison University) "Demobilization and its Discontents: Soldiers, Wives, and the Contested Demobilization at World War II's Close"

WADOWIEC, Jaime (BA, LeMoyne College MA, Binghamton University) "The Afterlives of Empire: Gender, Race, and Citizenship in Decolonized France"

WILLIAMS, Matthew L. (BA, Middlebury College; MA, New York University; MA, Binghamton University) "'This New Face of Things': Imperial Strangers, the Common Law, and Subject Rights in New York City, 1664-1765"

WIRTH, Thomas (BA, SUNY Geneseo; MA, Villanova University) "A Beautiful Public Life: George D. Herron, American Socialism, and Radical Political Culture at the Rand School of Social Science, 1890-1956"


PhD Recipients, 2013-2014

BONANNO, James P. (BA, University at Buffalo; MA University at Buffalo) "Between Revolution and Empire; Italian Political Refugees in France (1799-1802)"; History teacher, Missouri Military Academy

BERKERY, Mary (BA, Union College; MA, Binghamton University) ""We are a Multitude'; The 1977 International Women's Year State Meetings and the Transformation of the Modern Feminist Movement"

BOWEN, Elliot G. (BA, SUNY Potsdam; MA, New Mexico State University) "Mecca of the American Syphilitic: Doctors, Patients and Disease Identity in Hot Springs, Arkansas, 1890-1940

CANALE, Joshua (BA, LeMoyne College; MA, Binghamton University) "American Dictators; Committees for Public Safety During the American Revolution, 1775-1784"

FAGAL, Andrew John Beardsley (BA, Lafayette College; MA Binghamton University) "The Political Economy of War in the Early American Republic, 1774-1821""

FRAZIER, Jessica M. (BA/BS Regis University; MA Binghamton University) "Making Connections in Vietnam: U.S. Women's Transnational Activism and the Meanings of Race, Gender, and Revolution, 1965-1975"

GOLOWKA, Joseph R. (BA, Northern Illinois University; MA, Binghamton University) "'There Shall be No Sex in Industry': Women and Gender in the Knights of Labor of North America"

HAAS, Angela (BA, Ithaca College; MA, Binghamton University) "Miracles in the Press; Religious Authority and Intellectual Autonomy in Enlightenment France"

KOKDAS, Irfan (BA, MA Sabanci University) "When the Countryside is Free: Urban Politics, Local Autonomy and the Changing Social Structures in Ottoman Salonika, 1740-1820"

LEE, Chang Wook (BA, Korea University; MA, BeijingUniversity) "The Rise of the Hanlin Academicians: The Political History of the Imperial Secretaries During the Tang-Song, 783-1082"

LINSKEY, Carol S. (BA, MA, Armstrong Atlantic University) "Invisible Politics: Dorothy Kenyon and Women's Internationalism, 1930-1950"

PALFREYMAN, Brett (BA, MA, Boston College) "Peace Process The Reintegration of the Loyalists in Post-Revolutionary America"

PEARL, Christopher R, (BA St. John Fisher College; MA SUNY Brockport) "'For the Good Order of Government': The American Revolution and the Creation of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, 1740-1790"

RUSSO, Giuseppina (BA, Universita' degli Studi di Catania; MBA, Central Connecticut State University; MA, University of Connecticut) "Universalism, Difference, and Body Politics: The UN Commission on the status of Women, 1946-1975"

SANCHEZ-LOPEZ, Sandra B. (BA, Universidad de Los Andes; MA, The University of York) "Practicing Journalism, Contesting Marginalization: Gender, Class, and The Women's Press in Mid-Twenieth-Century Columbia"

SIERRA, Luis M. (BA, University of New Mexico; MA Binghamton University) "The Indigenous Neighborhoods in the Urbanization of La Paz Bolivia, 1910-1952"

VAN DEUSEN, Allyn (BA, MEd St. Lawrence University; MA, University at Albany) "Partners in Reform: Isabella Beecher Hooker and John Hooker"


PhD Recipients, 2011-2012

Anderson, Stewart (BA, Westminster College; MA Binghamton University) "Big Lessons from the Small Screen: Television Fiction, Media Consensus, and the Reinvention of Morality in East and West Germany, 1956-1970"; vis. asst. prof., Brigham Young University

Benbenek, Mary Beth (BA, University of Alabama; MA, Fordham University) "Young Men in Florentine Politics, 1387-1538"

Corlu, Aksel

Dekoter, Andrea (BA, Carlin College; MA, Binghamton University) "Life is a Big Battle for the Complete Feminist: Women's Roles in the American Civil Liberties Union, 1915-1940"; Historian, National Park Service

Derousie, Anne

Gagne, Laurie (BA, Potsdam; MA Binghamton University) "Mediating Eugenics: The Disenfranchised"

Guillochon, Mary (BA, MA, Marshall University) "Prostitution and Sexuality In Lyon, 1398-1956"

Gutman, David (BA, University of Minnesota; MA, Binghamton University) "Sojourners, Smugglers, and the State: Transhemispheric Migration Flows and the Politics of Mobility in Eastern Anatolia, 1888-1908"; asst. prof., Manhattanville College

Hu, Yongguang (BA, Beijing University; MA, University at Albany; MS, Binghamton University) "Cultivating Merit: The Three Hall System in Late Northern Song: 1070-1121"; asst. prof., James Madison University

Johnson, Daniel (BA, University of Minnesota; MA, NYU) "Mid-Atlantic Metropolises: From Town to City in Colonial New York City and Philadelphia"; asst. prof., Bikent University

Karagoz, Gul (BA, MA, Ankara University) "Voicing the Interests of the Public?" Contestation, Negotiation, and Emergence of Ottoman Language Newspapers During the Financial Crises of the Ottoman Empire, 1862-1875"; asst. prof., Ankara University

Madera, Melissa (BA, Baruch College; MA, Pace University) "Zones of Scandal: Gender, Public Health and Social Hygiene in the Dominican Republic, 1916-61"; Adjunct Instructor, Fashion Institute Technology

Ozkan, Fulya (BA, MA, Bogazici University) "A Road in Rebellion, A History on the Move: The Social History of the Trabzon-Bayezid Road and the Formation of the Modern State in the Late Ottoman World"

Ozok-Gundogan, Nilay (BA, MA Bogazici University) "The Making of the Modern Ottoman State in the Kurdish Periphery: The Politics of Land and Taxation, 1840-1870"; asst. prof., Denison University

Richards, David (BA, MA, SUNY Oneonta) "A New Deal on the Home Front: Sidney, NY 1939-1945"; Principal, Deposit High School

Schwartz, Heather

Stanley, Joseph (BA, Boston College; MA, University of Edinburgh) "From Medieval Corporatism to Civic Humanism: Merchant and Guild Culture in Fourteenth- and Fifteenth-Century Florence"

Tobin, Dorothy (BA, Empire State College; MA University of Buffalo) "Paths To Power: Women Appointees To New York State Government, 1917-1942"; Mentor, Empire State College

Tomas, Jennifer (BA, Wells College; MA, Binghamton University) "The Women's History Movement in the United States: Professional and Political Roots of the Field, 1922-1987"; vis. asst. prof., Binghamton University

Varcoe, Annette (BA, Moravian College; MA, Binghamton University) "To Move the County": Women and Benevolence in Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania, 1820 – 1890"; High School Teacher, Union Endicott High School

Weikum, Mary (BA, University of Michigan; MA, Binghamton University) "Do Be Faithful to Yourself and to Your God: Women Missionaries' Activism and the Southeastern Cherokee, 1819-1839"; Historian/Archivist, The Henry Ford Museum

Zhu, Marlon (BA, MA, National Taiwan University) "Trading Typhoons: Meteorological Intelligence and the Inter-port Community in Nineteenth-Century China"

PhD Recipients, 2009-2010

Thomas Anderson, “Reassembling the Strange: Global Science, Race and the Environment of 19th Century Madagascar.”

Gulhan Balsoy, “Gender and the Politics of the Female Body: Midwifery, Abortion and Pregnancy in Ottoman Society (1838-1890s)."

Laura Hill, “Strike While the Iron is Hot: The Black Freedom Struggle in Rochester, New York 1945-1975.”

Cagdas Ungor, “Reaching the Distant Comrade: Chinese Communist Propaganda Abroad 1949-1976.”


PhD Recipients, 2008-2009

Phyllis Amenda, “God Bless the Revolution:  Christian Socialism in the Episcopal Church, 1885-1940.”

Devan Bissonette, “The Time of Our Life:  Packaging the News for America’s Busy Readers, from Little Rock (1957) to the End of Life as We Knew It (1972).”

Selim Karahasanoglu, “A Tulip Legend:  Consumer Behavior and Material Culture in the Ottoman Empire, 1718-1730.”

Paul Miller, “The Meaning of the Liberal Reform Tradition on the Evolution of American Catholic Social Thought Since the New Deal:  A Study of John Cort and the Vocational Group Plan, 1913-1968."

Kazuhiro Oharazeki, “Japanese Prostitutes in the Pacific Northwest, 1887-1920.”

Kevin P. S.Tanner, Jr., "A Foe to Sad Oppression’s Rod:  The Story of Gerrit Smith."

Gaylynn Welch,  “Local and National Forces Shaping the American Woman Suffrage Movement, 1870-1890.”


PhD Recipients, 2007-2008

Deanna Gillespie, "They Walk, Talk, and Act Like New People: Black Women and the Citizenship Education Program, 1957-1970"
Dissertation supervisor: K. K. Sklar

Ryan Pederson, "Atavistic Culture: Chivalry and Noble Violence in France, 1560-1660"
Dissertation supervisor: H. G. Brown

Ute Ritz-Deutsch, "Alberto Vojtech Fric, the German Diaspora, and Indian Protection in Southern Brazil, 1900-1920: A Transatlantic Etho-Historical Case Study"
Dissertation supervisor: J. Quataert

Melyssa Wrisley, "Fashioning a New Femininity: Charlotte Perkins Gilman and the Discourse of Women's Dress, 1875-1930"
Dissertation supervisor: K. K. Sklar

Chin-Shan Wu, "'Song-Scholar-Officials' Perception of Clerks"
Dissertation supervisor: J. Chaffee


PhD Recipients, 2006-2007

Marion E. Horan, "Trafficking in Danger: Working-Class Women and Narratives of Sexual Danger in English and United States Anti-Prostitution Campaigns, 1875-1914"
Dissertation supervisor: T. Dublin

Hoi Sik Jang, "Japanese Imperial Ideology, Shifting War Aims and Domestic Propaganda During the Pacific War of 1941-45"
Dissertation supervisor: F. Fan

Shannon King, "Home to Harlem: Community and Working-Class Politics in Harlem, 1916-1928"
Dissertation supervisor: T. Patterson

Denise M. Lynn, "Women on the March: Gender and Anti-Fascism in American Communism, 1935-1939"
Dissertation supervisor: M. Dubofsky

Peter Morse, "Wobbly Identities: Race, Gender, and Radical Industrial Unionists in the United States, 1900-1920"
Dissertation supervisor: M. Dubofsky

Kara Lynn Ritzheimer, "Protecting Youth from 'Trash': Anti-Schund Campaigns in Baden, 1900-1933"
Dissertation supervisor: J. Quataert

Mehmet M. Sunar, "Cauldron of Dissent: A Study of the Janissary Corps, 1807-1826"
Dissertation supervisor: D. Quataert


PhD Recipients, 2005-2006

Erden Attila Aytekin, "Land, Rural Classes, and Law: Agrarian Conflict and State Regulation in the Ottoman Empire, 1830s-1860s"
Dissertation supervisor: D. Quataert

Sarah Boyle, "Creating a Union of the Union: The Women's Christian Temperance Union and the Creation of a Politicized Female Reform Culture, 1880-1892"
Dissertation supervisor: K. Sklar

Gregory Geddes, "Literature and Labor: Harvey Swados and th 20th Century American Left"
Dissertation supervisor: M. Dubofsky

Linda Janke, "Prisoners of War: Sexuality, Venereal Disease, and Women's Incarceration During World War I"
Dissertation supervisor: K. Sklar

Michele Materese, "The Nurse and the Community: Lillian Wald -- A Social Activist, 1893-1913"
Dissertation supervisor: K. Sklar

Nalan Turna, "The Everyday Life of Estanbul and Its Artisans, 1808-1839"
Dissertation supervisor: D. Quataert


PhD Recipients, 2004-2005

Elif Aksit, "Regulating Girls' Education: Paradoxes of Modernity and Nationalism in the Late Ottoman Empire and the Early Turkish Republic"
Dissertation supervisor: D. Quataert

Suronda Gonzalez, "Immigrants' Protective League of Chicago, and the New American Citizenship, 1908-1924"
Dissertation supervisor: K. Sklar

Yavuz Karakisla, "Women and Work in the Ottoman Empire: Society for the Employment of Ottoman Muslim Women (1916-1923)"
Dissertation supervisor: D. Quataert

Halle Lewis, "Cripples are not the Dependents One is Led to Think: Work and Disability in Industrializing Cleveland, 1861-1916"
Dissertation supervisor: K. Sklar

Laura Murphy, "The Worker's Right to a Decent Livelihood: Catholic Social Thought and Activism and the U.S. Minimum Wage, 1879-1938"
Dissertation supervisor: K. Sklar

Jennifer Pierce, "Discourses of the Dispossessed: Saint-Domingue Colonists on Race, Revolution and Empire, 1789-1825"
Dissertation supervisor: H. Brown

Glenn B. Ramsey, "Erotic Friendship, Gender, Inversion, and Human Rights in the German Movement for Homosexual Reform, 1897-1933"
Dissertation Advisor: J. Quataert


PhD Recipients, 2003-2004

Lyn Blanchfield, "Tears that Tell: The Ritualistic Uses of Weeping by Participants of Late Medieval Florentine Sermons"
Dissertation Advisor: R. Trexler

Katharine Dawson, "Coal, Community, and Collective Action in Mckinley County, New Mexico: 1900-1935"
Dissertation Advisor: M. Dubofsky

Michelle Kuhl, "Modern Martyrs: "African American Responses to Lynching, 1885-1940"
Dissertation Advisor: K. Sklar

Jan Norris, "Anglo-Saxon Religious Women Who Went to the Continent: A Study Group"
Dissertation Advisor: B. Effros

Ken Orosz, "Religious Conflict and the Evolution of Language Policy in German and French Cameroon, 1885-1939"
Dissertation Advisor: J. Quataert

D'mitri Palmateer, "Along the Intinerant Frontier: Mobility, Class, and Social Reform, Portland, Oregon, 1890-1920"
Dissertation Advisor: M. Dubofsky

Ivette Rivera-Giusti, "Gender, Labor and Working Class Activism in the Tobacco Industry in Puerto Rico,1898-1924"
Dissertation Advisor: T. Patterson

Daniel Wright, "'The First Causes to Our Sex': The Female Moral Reform Movement in the Antebellum Northeast, 1834-1848"
Dissertation Advisor: K. Sklar


PhD Recipients, 2002-2003

Holly Blake, "'Dependency Is Not Charming': Marie Howland on Women, Class, and Community, 1836-1921"
Dissertation supervisor: S. Elbert

Risa Faussette, "Race, Migration, and Port City Radicalism: New York's Black Longshoremen and the Politics of Maritime Protest"
Dissertation supervisor: T. Patterson

Kevin Kreiner, "The Age of the Supermen: Democracy, Fascism, and the Mass Media, 1914-1915"
Dissertation supervisor: W.W. Wagar

Jose Torre, "The Political Economy of Sentiment: Money and Emotions in the Early Republic"
Dissertation supervisor: M. Dubofsky

Robert Zajkowski, "The Legend of St. Edmund Martyr: A Study in Monastic Mentality, Hagiography, and Ideology"
Dissertation supervisor: R. Oggins


PhD Recipients, 2001-2002

Malek Abisaab, "A History of Women Tobacco Workers: Labor, Community and Social Transformation in Lebanon, 1895-1997"
Dissertation supervisor: D. Quataert

Virginia Cole, "Royal Almsgiving in Medieval England: A Study in the Ritual and Administrative Construction of Kingship"
Dissertation supervisor: R. Oggins

Virginia Holmes, "'The Inviolability of Human Life': Pacifism and the Jews in Weimar Germany"
Dissertation supervisor: L. Sussman

Susan Lewis, "Women in the Marketplace: Female Entrepreneurship, Business Patterns & Family Values in Mid-Nineteenth-Century Albany, New York"
Dissertation supervisor: T. Dublin

Claire Parham, "A Tale of Two Cities: A Comparative History of Cornwall, Ontario and Massena, New York, 1785-2001"
Dissertation supervisor: M. Dubofsky

Barbara Reeves-Ellington, "'That Our Daughters May Be As Corner Stones': American Missionaries, Bulgarian Nationalists, and the Politics of Gender, 1832-1872"
Dissertation supervisor: K. K. Sklar

Connie Shemo, "An Army of Women: The Medical Ministries of Kang Cheng and Shi Meiyu," 1873-1937"
Dissertation supervisor: K. K. Sklar

Mahnaz Yousefdadeh, "National Festival of Dante (1863-1865): Regional Traditions, Modern Associations and the Rise of Italian Society"
Dissertation supervisor: R. Trexler


PhD Recipients, 2000-2001

Linnea Burwood, "Alexander Berkman: Russian-American Anarchist"
Dissertation supervisor: W.W. Wagar

Jennifer Evans, "Reconstruction sites : sexuality, citizenship, and the limits of national belonging in divided Berlin, 1944-58"
Dissertation supervisor: J. Quataert

Cengiz Kirli, "The Struggle Over Space: Coffeehouses of Ottoman, Istanbul, 1780-1845"
Dissertation supervisor: D. Quataert

Jennifer Langdon-Teclaw, "Caught in the Crossfire: Anti-Fascism, Anti-Communism and the Politics of Americanism in the Hollywood Career of Adrian Scott"
Dissertation supervisor: S. Elbert

Joyce Matthews, "The Ottoman Inheritance Inventory as an Exercise in Conceptual Reclamation, c. 1600-1675"
Dissertation supervisor: D. Quataert

John McGuire, "A Catalyst for Reform: The Women's Joint Legislative Conference (WJLC) and Its Fight for Labor Legislation in New York State, 1918-1933"
Dissertation supervisor: K. Sklar

John Olszowka, "From Shop Floor to Flight: Work and Labor in the Aircraft Industry, 1908-1946"
Dissertation supervisor: T. Dublin

Nadir Ozbek, "The Politics of Welfare: Philanthropy, Voluntarism and Legitimacy in the Ottoman Empire, 1876-1914."
Dissertation supervisor: D. Quataert

Karen Pastorello, "A Power Among Them: Bessie Abramowitz Hillman and the Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America"
Dissertation supervisor: T. Dublin

Linda Shoemaker, "Charity and Justice: Gender and the Mission of Social Work--Social Work Education in Boston, New York, and Chicago, 1898-1930"
Dissertation supervisor: K. Sklar

Meltem Toksoz, "The Cukurova: From Nomadic Life to Commercial Agriculture, 1800-1908"
Dissertation supervisor: D. Quataert


PhD Recipients, 1999-2000

Melissa Doak, "She Will Never Get Well While Doing Anything Unnatural": Women's Sexual Deviance and Institutional Psychiatry in New York City, 1890-1920
Dissertation supervisor: T. Dublin

Jan Doolittle, "Organized Women Under Attack": The Women's Joint Congressional Committee and Its Legislative Campaigns for Mothers and Children, 1920-1930"
Dissertation supervisor: K. K. Sklar

Douglas Feeney, "The Battle on the Benches: The Wagner Act and the Federal Circuit Courts of Appeals, 1935-1942"
Dissertation supervisor: M. Dubofsky

Francis K. Janecek, "The Social and Institutional Origins and Development of the Soviet Officer Corps in the 1930s and 1940s"
Dissertation supervisor: A. Donnelly

Jin Hee Kim, "Labor Law and Labor Policy in New York State, 1920-1930s."
Dissertation supervisor: M. Dubofsky

Stephanie Oxendale, "'What Should They Know of England Who Only England Know?' Ideas of Englishness, Empire and Organized Women's Emigrations, 1902-1927"
Dissertation supervisor: S. Elbert


PhD Recipients, 1998-99

Yuksel Duman, "Notables, textiles and copper in Ottoman Tokat, 1750-1840"
Dissertation supervisor: D. Quataert

Carol Faulkner, "The Hard Heart of the Nation: Gender, Race, and Dependency in the Freedmen's Aid Movement, 1862-1876"
Dissertation supervisor: K. K. Sklar

Michael A. McHugh, "Directing the Dream : Brook, Reinhardt, Barker"
Dissertation supervisor: B. McConville

Samuel W. White, "Labor and Politics in Evansville, Indiana, 1919-1955"
Dissertation supervisor: M. Dubofsky


PhD Recipients, 1997-98

Taylor F. Hollander, "Power, Politics, and Principles: The Canadian State and Collective Bargaining, 1935-1948"
Dissertation supervisor: M. Dubofsky


PhD Recipients, 1996-97

Amy Butler, "The Search for Women's Equality: Alice Paul and Ethel Smith in the ERA Debate, 1921-1923"
Dissertation supervisor: K. K. Sklar

Penelope Harper, "Investigating the Working Woman: Middle Class Americans and the Debate over Women's Wage Work, 1820-1920"
Dissertation supervisor: T. Dublin

Vivien Rose, "Homesteading as Social Protest: Gender and Continuity in the Back-to-the-Land Movement in the United States, 1890-1980"
Dissertation supervisor: S. Elbert


PhD Recipients, 1995-96

Tracey Boisseau, "The African Adventures of May French-Sheldon: A Critical Cultural Study of an Imperial Feminist"
Dissertation supervisor: S. Elbert

Krista O'Donnell, "The Colonial Woman Question: Gender, National Identity, and Empire in the German Colonial Female Emigration Program, 1896-1914"
Dissertation supervisor: J. Quataert


PhD Recipients, 1994-95

Kathleen Babbitt, "Producers and Consumers: Women of the Countryside and Cooperative Extension Service Home Economists, New York State, 1870-1935"
Dissertation supervisor: K. K. Sklar

Kimberly Schmidt, "Transforming Tradition: The Effects of Religion on Economic Mennonite Women's Work, 1930-1990"
Dissertation supervisor: K. K. Sklar

Mildred Semple, "New York Fashion: The Tobe Coburn School, 1937-1967"
Dissertation supervisor: S. Elbert

Sandra Spingarn, "Trade Unionism Among the Jewish Workers in the Fur Manufacturing Industry in New York City: 1912-1929"
Dissertation supervisor: M. Dubofsky

Mark Zaltman, "Social Conflict in Late 19th Century Rogers Park and West Ridge"
Dissertation supervisor: M. Dubofsky


PhD Recipients, 1993-1994

Timothy Houlihan, "The New York City Building Trades, 1890-1910"
Dissertation supervisor: M. Dubofsky

Victor DiSanto, "The Streetcar Workers of Albany, 1900-1921, The Union Era"
Dissertation supervisor: M. Dubofsky

Michael Groth, "Forging Freedom in the Mid-Hudson Valley: The End of Slavery and the Formation of a Free African-American Community in Dutchess County, NY, 1770-1850"
Dissertation supervisor: T. Dublin

Gladys Jimenez-Munoz, "A Storm Dressed in Skirts: Ambivalence in the Debate on Women's Suffrage in Puerto Rico, 1927-1929"
Dissertation supervisor: S. Elbert


PhD Recipients, 1992-93

Kailai Huang, "Myth or Reality: American Business Opinion and the China Market, 1949-1980"
Dissertation supervisor: R. Dalfiume

Joelle Koster, "The People of Curial Avignon. A Critical Edition of the Liber Divisionis and the Lists of Matriculation of the Congraternity of Notre Dame La Majour"
Dissertation supervisor: R. Trexler

Steven Luckert, "Jesuits, Freemasons, Illuminati, and Jacobins: Conspiracy Theories, Secret Societies, and Politics in Late Eighteenth-Century Germany"
Dissertation supervisor: M. Shefftz

Kenneth Millen, "From Liberal to Socialist Internationalism: Konnie Zilliacus and the League of Nations, 1894-1939"
Dissertation supervisor: C. Forcey

Patrick O'Neil, "Winston S. Churchill's Philosophy of Empire -- The Mind of the Imperialist"
Dissertation supervisor: M. Shefftz

Michael Pierson, "'Free Hearts and Free Homes': Representations of Family in the American Antislavery Movement"
Dissertation supervisor: S. Elbert

Robyn Rosen, "Federal Responsibility or Governmental Tyranny: The Reproductive Reform Impulse and the Welfare State, 1917-1940"
Dissertation supervisor: K. K. Sklar

Patricia Smith, "Martydrom, Murder and Magic: Child Saints and Their Cults in Medieval Europe"
Dissertation supervisor: R. Oggins

Paul Street, "Working the Yards: Workers, Managers, and Militants in Chicago's Meatpacking Industry, 1900-1943"
Dissertation supervisor: M. Dubofsky

Andrea Tyndall, "The Personal Becomes Political: Arthur Koestler, 1940-1950"
Dissertation supervisor: W. W. Wagar

Patricia West, "The Historic House Museum Movement in America: Louisa May Alcott's Orchard House as a Case Study"
Dissertation supervisor: S. Elbert

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