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Jean H. Quataert

SUNY Distinguished Research Professor of History
Ph.D., University of California at Los Angeles
Women's history, German history, Human Rights and Transnational History
Co-editor: Journal of Women's History (2010-2020)
LT 809
Phone: (607) 777-4055

Web Site:

***Professor Jean H. Quataert

expects to retire in

May 2018 and is no longer

accepting graduate students

to work under her

Jean Quataert takes graduate students in modern German History but is committed to broadening their training beyond the borders of Europe, by encouraging a field in comparative history or by analyzing German/European developments in their wider global contexts or by innovative methodological work that spans distinct cultures. She also trains graduate students in the new field of human rights history, including its gender and transnational methodologies.  On the undergraduate level, she teaches Modern World History and encourages her graduate students to work with her as Teaching Assistants to become involved in expanding this important new teaching field.  

 Recent or current undergraduate courses:

Recent or current graduate courses:

  • Global History Colloquium
  • Historicizing Human Rights
  • Central Europe, 1517-1989
  • Gendering German History
  • Globalizing European History

"America and Torture in the Modern Age: A Forum" April 21, 2006

Significant Publications


  • Advocating Dignity: Human Rights Mobilizations in Global Politics (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2009).
  • Gendering Modern German History: Rewriting Historiographies, editor with Karen Hagemann, Berghahn Books, May, 2007.
  • The Gendering of Human Rights in the International Systems of Law in the Twentieth Century, American Historical Association series in Global and Comparative History. General Editor Michael Adas. Washington, D.C., 2006.
  • Staging Philanthropy: Patriotic Women and the National Imagination in Dynastic Germany, 1813-1916, Ann Arbor, The University of Michigan Press, 2001.
  • Connecting Spheres: Women in the Western World from 1500 to the Present, co-author and editor with Marilyn J. Boxer. Oxford University Press, 1987; second edition, 1999.
  • Gendered Colonialisms in African History, co-editor with Nancy Rose Hunt and Tessie R. Liu, Gender and History, vol 8, no. 3, November 1996. Oxford and Cambridge, 1996.
  • Reluctant Feminists in German Social Democracy, 1885-1917. Princeton, New Jersey, 1979.
  • Socialist Women: European Socialist Feminism in the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries, editor and contributor with Marilyn J. Boxer, New York, 1978.

Recent Articles & Publications:

  • "A New Look at International Law:  Gendering the Practices of Humanitarian Medicine in Europe's "Small Wars," 1879-1907, accepted by Human Rights Quarterly, scheduled for publication in August 2018 [10,868 words].

  • "International Law and the Laws of War, 1864-1914," in "1914-1918 on line. International Encyclopedia of the First World War, pp. 1-20. A multi-perspective public access online site on the First World War coordinated at the Freie Universität Berlin commemorating the centenary of World War I. The site will be launched in Brussels October 8, 2014 will be available at
  • "A Knowledge Revolution: Transnational Feminist Contributions to International Development Agendas and Policies, 1965-1995," special issue on "Engendering Transnational Policy History," guest editor Sonya Alice Michel, Global Social Policy, vol. 14, no.2 (August 2014): 210-227.
  • Human Rights, Global Conferences, and the Making of Postwar Transnational Feminisms, Guest Editor with Benita Roth, Journal of Women's History, vol. 24, no. 4 (Winter 2012).
  •  "International Law and Human Rights: Diverging and Converging Histories," New Global Studies (an online journal), eds. Chanda Nayan, Akira Iriye, Bruce Mazlish, Saskia Sassen, Walter De Gruyter, 2012, pp. 1-21.
  • "Gendering Human Rights: An Historical Sociological Movements Approach" with Benita Roth, in The Handbook of Sociology and Human Rights, eds. David Brunsma, Kari Lyall Smith and Brian Gran, Paradigm Publishers, 2012 (a collaborative interdisciplinary project exploring the state of the field, questions, and methods, 5019 words).
  • "War-Making and the Restraint of Law: the Formative Years, 1864-1914," in The Cambridge History of War: War and the Modern World (l850-2005), eds., Roger Chickering, Dennis Showalter and Hans van de Ven, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2012, pp. 142-162.
  • "The Circuitous Origins of the Gender Perspective in Human Rights Advocacy: A Challenge for Transnational Feminisms," Comparative Studies of South Asia, Africa and the Middle East, vol. 31, no. 3 (2011), pp. 631-643.
  • “Gendered Medical Services in Red Cross Field Hospitals during the First Balkan War and World War I,” in Peace, War, and Gender from Antiquity to the Present: Cross-Cultural Perspectives, eds. Jost Dülffer and Robert Frank (“Frieden und Krieg” series), Essen: Klartext Verlag, 2009, pp. 219-33.
  • “‘Being heard on important matters of international life’: Transnational Perspectives on Women’s Movements, l890-1914,” in Wilhelmine Germany and Edwardian Britain: Essays on Cultural Affinities, eds., Robert Gerwarth and Dominik Geppert, Oxford University Press, 2008, pp. 173-195.
  • "Comparing Historiographies and Academic Cultures in Germany and the U.S. through the Lens of Gender," with Karen Hagemann in Hagemann and Quataert, Gendering Modern German History: Rewriting Historiographies, New York, Berghahn Books, 2006.
  • "Women's Wartime Services Under the Cross: Patriotic Communities in Germany, 1912-1918," in Roger Chickering and Stig Forster, eds., Great War, Total War; Combat and Mobilization in the Western Front, 1914-1918 (Washington, D.C. and Cambridge, 2000): 453-483.
  • "German Patriotic Women's Work in War and Peace Time, 1864-90," in Stig Förster and Jörg Nagler, eds., On the Road to Total War: The American Civil War and the German Wars of Unification, 1861-1871. Cambridge, 1997, pp. 449-77.
  • "Demographic and Social Change," in Roger Chickering, ed., Imperial Germany: A Historiographical Companion. Westport, Connecticut and London, 1996, pp. 97-130.
  • "Writing the History of Women and Gender in Imperial Germany," in Geoff Eley, ed., Society, Culture and the State in Germany 1870-1930. Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1996, pp. 43-65.
  • "Survival Strategies in a Saxon Textile District during the Early Phases of Industrialization, 1780-1860," in Daryl M. Hafter, ed., European Women and Preindustrial Craft. Bloomington and Indianapolis, 1995, pp. 153-78.

Honors and Awards

Jean Quataert received the Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Scholarship and Creative Activities of the State University of New York for 2009-2010. She also is the recipient of the Chancellor's and University's Distinguished Teaching Award (1999), the Central European History Prize for the best article in a two year period (1987) and the Berkshire Prize for the best article in the field of History written by a woman (1986), for: "The Shaping of Women's Work in Manufacturing: Guilds, Household and the State in Central Europe, 1648-1870, The American Historical Review, vol 90, no. 4 (December 1995): 1122-1148.

Professional Activities

Jean Quataert served as co-chair of the Program Committee for the annual meeting of the American Historical Association, New York, 1990; 1990-95 served as Chair of the Committee on International Historical Activities of the American Historical Association; served on the Berlin Program Selection Committee of the German Studies Association and the Free University of Berlin, 2008-10; currently, 2010-18, she is co-editor of the Journal of Women's History, and on the editorial board of Frauengeschichte-Geschlechterverhaltnis. Zeitschrift für historische Frauenforschung, Bonn, Germany.

Advocating Dignity: Human Rights Mobilizations in Global Politics

Advocating Dignity: Human Rights Mobilizations in Global Politics

Gendering Modern German History: Rewriting Historiographies

Gendering Modern German History: Rewriting Historiographies

Staging Philanthropy: Patriotic Women and the National Imagination in Dynastic Germany

Staging Philanthropy: Patriotic Women and the National Imagination in Dynastic Germany

Connecting Spheres: Women in the Western World from 1500 to the Present

Connecting Spheres: Women in the Western World from 1500 to the Present

Reluctant Feminists in German Social Democracy

Reluctant Feminists in German Social Democracy

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