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Erin Annis

Education: ABD
M.A., Early Modern Europe, Binghamton University
B.A., History, Hillsdale College

Early Modern Europe



Erin Annis

Advisor: Professor Howard G. Brown

I am a native of the small town of St. Johns in Michigan's lower peninsula and traveled all of an hour and a half south to attend Hillsdale College, where I received my Bachelor's degree in history in 2009. After teaching middle school history for a year, I joined Binghamton's history graduate program in 2010. I received my Master's degree from Binghamton in 2012 and passed my doctoral exams in 2013. I am currently working on my dissertation, which focuses on the experiences of four Scottish families within the British Empire. My dissertation examines topics such as family formation across racial and ethnic lines, the impact of slavery and the influence on "enlightened" thinking on these families, and the ways in which Scots in the eighteenth century defined themselves in an era when the concept of "identity," on both a personal and national level, was disconcertingly fluid.


"Experiencing Empire: Understanding the Eighteenth Century through Four Scottish Families"

Grants & Fellowships:

O'Neil Research Grant, summer 2013
Dissertation Year Fellowship, Spring 2014
O'Neil Research Grant, summer 2014
Institute for the Advanced Studies of the Humanities Fellowship, Fall 2014


1st place in the Gale-Cengage graduate essay contest, Spring 2014

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