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Miguel Cuadros

B.A., History, Universidad Industrial de Santander (Colombia), 2011
Fulbright Scholarship (2013-2015)

Latin America


Miguel Cuadros

Advisor: Professor Nancy Appelbaum

My research interests encompass the construction of regional identities in Colombia from the middle nineteenth century to the early twentieth century, particularly in the northeastern zone of Santander, and focuses on the political, social, and economic perspectives intertwined within those identities. Furthermore, my research emphasizes on their role in the formation of the Colombian nation-state. For instance, I want to analyze the influence of geographic knowledge in the construction of the regional identities through its spreading via the educative system (school textbooks).


Universidad Industrial de Santander (Colombia)
(July 2011-December 2012)
Research coordinator of the project titled "Prensa, educacion y orientacion politica en la republica liberal: El Diario de Pereira y Vanguardia Liberal de Bucaramanga 1930-1946"

Asociación Historia Abierta (Colombia)
(January 2010-Present)
Co-founder and Executive Director:
Co-editor of the web history journal "Historia 2.0"


Cuadros Sanchez, Miguel Dario. Santander en declive: el fracaso de Bartolomé Rugeles con sus inversiones en torno al ferrocarril de Puerto Wilches 1903-1916. (2011). Anuario de Historia Regional y de las Fronteras, Universidad Industrial de Santander. Vol. 16, No. 1. 151-173 p.

Cuadros Sanchez, Miguel Dario. Bartolomé Rugeles: sociabilidad política, negocios y función pública 1899-1938. Bucaramanga: Universidad Industrial de Santander, 2013.

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