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Jessica DerlethEducation:
M.A., History, Washington State University
B.A., History and Political Science, University of Oregon

US: Women and Gender


Jessica Derleth

Advisor: Professor Leigh Ann Wheeler

My dissertation considers the ways in which activists in the American woman suffrage movement responded to gendered attacks that portrayed them as abnormal, unwomanly, and unsexed. Through key forms of print media—such as cookbooks, postcards, biographies, and broadsides—I examine the ways in which suffragists projected an image of their activism that embraced dominant gender norms. I received my master's degree in history from Washington State University and bachelors degrees in history and political science at the University of Oregon. I slowly made my way up the west coast, growing up in Norwalk (CA) and Medford (OR), before crossing the country to attend BU.

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