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Todd GoehleEducation:
M.A., History, University of Toronto, 2002
B.A., History, State University of New York at Geneseo, 2002

Modern Europe: German History. Cultural History, Media. Violence, Collective Memory


Todd Goehle

Advisor: Professor Wulf Kansteiner

My dissertation examines the mass media representations of West Germany's "1968," the "afterlives" of these representations in the West German print media, and their effects on a host of West German interests in the 1960s and 1970s, including publishers, editors, and newsworkers; national and local politicians; social and student activists; and finally audiences. From this work, I pursue larger questions concerning media history, the history of social movements, processes of collective memory production, and theories about violence.


Visualizing "1968:" Media, Memory, and Institutional Change in West Germany, 1967-1977.


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  • Goehle, Todd Michael. Review of Places of Memory in Modern China: History, Politics, and Identity, Marc-Andre Matten, ed. Frontiers of History in China 8:3 (2013), 461-464.
  • Goehle, Todd Michael. "Vigilance, Vigilantism, and the Role of the Citizen in combating German Terror, 1967-1977."Re-Visioning Terrorism: An Interdisciplinary and International Conference, edited by Ben Lawton and Elena Coda. (West Lafayette: Purdue University Press, 2011). Purdue University E-Pubs.
  • Goehle, Todd Michael. "Embracing Revolution to Reinforce Consensus? Uses and Representations of the Prague Spring in the West German Tabloid Press of 1968." In 1968: Societies in Global Crisis: A Global Perspective, edited by Patrick Dramé and Jean Lamarre. 123-136. Montreal: Presses Universitaires de Laval, 2010.


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  • "Media, Advocacy, and Access: Rudi Dutschke and the Politics Commemorating West Germany's '1968.' Making Sense of Memory and History, Pre-Conference of the International Communication Association. Seattle, Washington. (22-23 May 2014)
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  • "Bikers, Brawlers, and Bolsheviks: Hamburg 'Rockers' and the moral panic of 1968." The Twenty-Third Annual Conference of the International Association for Media and History. Department of History and Welsh History, Aberystwyth University, Aberystwyth, United Kingdom. (10 July 2009).
  • "Challenging Television's Revolutions: Politics, Economics, and Vision in Tabloid Representations of West German Social Protest, 1967-1968." "The Revolution will not be televised?' Media and Protest Movements after 1945. The Marie Curie Research Network "European Protest Movements since 1945" and the Faculty of Media and Journalism, Volda University College, Volda, Norway. (26 November 2008)
  • "Embracing Revolution to Reinforce Consensus? Uses and Representations of the Prague Thaw in the West German Tabloid Press: 1967-1969." 1968: Societies in Global Crisis: A Global Perspective. Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec. (14 November 2008)

Teaching Credentials:

SUNY Geneseo
History 393: Senior Year History Honors Thesis
History 388: Twentieth Century Europe and the Globe
History 339: The French Revolution
History 288 Exp: The Global 1960s
History 288 Exp: Twentieth Century Global History
History 288 Exp: European History and Film
History 288 Exp: German History and Film after World War I
History 288 Exp: History of Twentieth Century German Mass Media
History 288 Exp: Media, Memory, and Trauma in Modern Europe
History 220: Introduction to History: Methods in Visual Culture
History 203: Biography: Lenin, Fanon, and Meinhof
History 205: The World since 1945
History 106: Europe since 1600
Interdepartmental 105: German History, Media, and Terror: First Year Writing Seminar

SUNY Binghamton
History 591: The Teaching of College History
History 386H: Discipline and Surveillance in Modern Societies
History 386B: Global Histories of Terrorism

Teaching Awards:

Joseph O'Brien Award for Excellence in Part-time Teaching, SUNY Geneseo (2013)
Graduate Excellence in Teaching Award, SUNY Binghamton (2008-2009)
Nominated, Graduate Excellence in Teaching Award, SUNY Binghamton, (2007-2008)

Scholarship Awards:

Faculty Travel Grant, SUNY Geneseo (2009, 2010, 2011, 2014)
Graduate School Conference and Research Travel Fund Grant, Graduate School Organization, SUNY Binghamton (2010)
Graduate Travel Grant, SUNY Binghamton (2009)
Dissertation Year Fellowship, SUNY Binghamton (2008)
Melvyn Dubofsky Travel Scholarship, SUNY Binghamton (2007)
Rosa Colecchio Travel Award, SUNY Binghamton (2007)
Kramer Travel Scholarship, SUNY Binghamton (2006)

Finalist: Fulbright Scholarship, Germany (2007)

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