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History Department  

Graduate Students 

Algi, Sibel

Annis, Erin
Early Modern Europe

Asher, Ryan 
U.S. History: Post-Civil War period

Basaranlar, Burak

Baugh-Helton, Tiffany
Women, Gender, and Sexuality/ Modern United States

Bertrand, Kristin

Campuzano Duque, Lorena 
Latin American History with emphasis in environmental history

Cangemi, Michael
U.S.: 20th Century, U.S. diplomatic/ foreign relations, modern Latin American, and human rights history 

Carapella, Timothy

Cuadros, Miguel
Latin America

Derleth, Jessica
U.S.: Women and Gender

Devin, Julia
U.S.: Women and Gender

Franson, Melissa

Gibson, Chelsea
Modern U.S.

Goehle, Todd
Modern Europe: German History. Cultural History. Media. Violence. Collective Memory

Grimminger, Erika

Hill, Deneil
Global History of Women, Gender, and Sexuality

Hollis, Matthew
U.S.: Early America/ American Revolution and Early Republic

Hutchison, Bradley
Fields: Modern Middle East and the Ottoman Empire, Gender, Nationalism, Transnational History 

Ireton, Denise

Jablonski, Alexander
U.S.: Early America 

Jones, Jonathan

King, Sarah
Modern U.S.

Kipfer, Laura

Kopuz, Kazim

Lane, Kenneth

Li, Shenglan
East Asia: History of Science, Technology and Medicine, and Global History 

Liang, Shuang

Micucci, Marcela
U.S. History, specializing in nineteenth-century women and gender 

Montgomery, Jennifer
Modern Europe, Women, Gender and Sexuality

O'Reilly, Philip

Pearson, Daniel

Riley, John
U.S. Nineteenth-Century, Fatherhood and Divorce, Gender and Family history

Roe, Kerry
Race and Gender/Modern U.S.

Rutter, Jonathan

Saitov, Timur

Schumman, Erica

Scripter, Christopher

Sgouros, Timi

Shutz, Travis

Snyder, Eve
20th Century United States/ American History, Federal Educational Policy, Women

St. Julien, Danielle

Stankiewicz, Kathleen
U.S. History, Women and Gender

Sutherland, Stephen

Tercha, Jason

Triana-Angel, Natalia
Latin America, Women, Gender and Sexuality

Vincent, Angela

Wu, Chieh-Ju
East Asia, History of Science, Technology, and Medicine, and Empire and Modernity

Xie, Chuning

Zhao, Siyin


Last Updated: 1/31/18