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Kenneth A. Lane 



ABD, Binghamton University

M.A, History, SUNY Brockport; Master’s Thesis: “The Ambition of Cincinnatus:”

B.A., History & Education, SUNY Brockport


Colonial American History


Robert Parkinson


My dissertation analyzes the way in which interconnected personal, political, and economic interests converged upon the Ohio territory in the early 18th Century and came to define the extent and meaning of empire in North America. My particular focus is on the activities of the Ohio Company of Virginia and its interactions with the British Imperial state, colonial governments, and Native American polities throughout this era.


Dissertation Title:  

“An Empire of Interests: The Ohio Company as an Agent of Empire, 1700-1763.”


Courses Taught:

The Foundations of America, Summer 2016


Teaching Assistant:

Colonial America

Modern American Civilization

Foundations of America

Ancient Law & Society



“Fictive Empires: The Delaware and the British North American Empire in the 18th Century,” upcoming presentation at the Pennsylvania Historical Society Annual Meeting, October 2016


“To Secure the Lands of the King: The Ohio Company as an Agent of Empire in the Early Eighteenth Century,” Presented at Milton Plesur Graduate History Conference, April 2014


Grants and Awards:

The Fred W. Smith National Library for the Study of George Washington Research Fellow, 2015-2016


Dissertation Year Funding, Binghamton University, Fall 2015





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