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Lorena Campuzano Duque

Lorena Campuzano Duque

M. A., Physics, University of Mexico (UNAM)
B.A., Physics, University of Antioquia


Latin America



I am a physicist by training, having graduated from the Universidad de Antioquia, in my hometown of Medellín, Colombia. After obtaining my BA in physics, I went to the UNAM in Mexico City and did my Master's work in physics. While in Mexico, I became very interested in the history of science and discovered that it was my passion. Among the themes that captured my interest were the techniques used to drain the lake on which Mexico city was built as well as debates about diseases, astronomy and medicine in eighteenth-century Mexico and Europe.

For my doctoral research, I am interested in the history of Colombian mining and its relationship to technological and scientific growth in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. I would like to study the role of scientific communities and the hierarchy of scientific discourses that emerged with the boom in resource exploitation in Colombia.

I would like to view these themes through the lens of environmental history the ways in which scientists, foreign companies, and the Colombian state have managed the environment and interaction with communities and labor involved in the mines.

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