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Important Dates for Class Assignments, Spring 2018

(important dates for you to remember but not the full assignments for the semester)

For every discussion section meeting with your TA, you are asked to submit a short written response (1 or 2 paragraphs) about the assigned readings for the week and pose several questions (which might be used for class discussion). This must be turned into your TA each week. Attendance at the sections is required.  In addition, at each Friday sections, your TA will pose one historical question; together, you will discuss the evidence that can be used to answer the question.  This way, you will develop good skills in using multiple sources as evidence for historical interpretations.

The Monday before sections, we will be emailing you the reading assignments for that Friday’s discussion. I have set up the readings until the first mid-term.

Readings for Discussion Sections and Exam Dates

  • January 19: General Introduction to the sections-Discussion sections set up list-serve as quickly as possible.  
  • January 26 Reading assignment: combining text and primary evidence, text is Tignor, Worlds Together, Worlds Apart and primary evidence is Andrea and Overfield, The Human Record hereafter A/O.

Text, pp. 358-68 and A/O, Prologue, Primary Sources and How to Read Them  (please read the prologue noted as P-1) that is prologue page 1 and read through P-14.   

  • February 2: Reading assignment, text, pp. 368-89; 394-404; Abu-Lughod (all), and also
  • February 9: Reading assignment:  text, pp. 405-437 and 542-543. A/O, pp. 44-65; 84-87; 113-117.
  • February 16: Reading Assignment: text, pp. 389-94; 440-476; A/O, pp. 5-16; 69-71; 92-97, 106-109. FIRST MAP QUIZ
  • February 23: Reading Assignment:  text, pp. 476-507; A/O, pp. 81-84; 100-109; de las Casas/Sepulveda debate on who is human (found on course content), prepare for first mid-term exam
  • February 26: FIRST MID-TERM EXAM
  • April 20: SECOND MAP QUIZ
  • April 27: Internet Assignment is due
  • May 7: languages across the curriculum presentations
  • TBA: final exam (two hours) at a time scheduled by the registrar 

Last Updated: 1/2/18