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Professor J. Quataert

Welcome to the Modern World History (HIST 130A/130B) Website! This site is designed for the students enrolled in the Modern World History course of the State University of New York at Binghamton. The materials located on this site are for review and reinforcement of material presented in the course. Any comments or suggestions are welcome.


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This is the interactive version of the syllabus. You can use it to email Professors and Teaching Assistants. It will link you to class notes and assignments, as well as other information relevant to the course.


This is an index of news and events relevant to the class and world history on the net.

Internet Resources

This is a very short selection of ways to search the Internet and a brief selection of libraries to look for other resources.

Review Help

This is a selection of past tests and quizzes given for the course. The selection will give you an idea of the types of questions asked and the formats of the tests.

Class Notes

This is an index of lecture topics and outlines.


This is an index of maps available on this site.


This is an index of documents and tables relevant to the course.

Picture Index

This is an index of images available on this site.

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