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Armenian Genocide???

By Ben Schiffman

Armenian Family

Genocide is defined as: The systematic and planned extermination of an entire national, racial, political, or ethnic group.

What are the facts?

In 1914 war broke out between the Ottoman Empire and Turkey. At the same time, Armenians in the Ottoman Empire began to call for independence. The ruling Ottoman Young Turks began to worry about the loyalties of the Armenian Community. As a result of this fear of Armenian nationalism, orders were issued in 1915 for the deportation of the entire Armenian population of East Antolia to the Syrian desert, away from the battle zone. During this exodus, large numbers of Armenians were massacred and murdered at the hands of Ottoman soldiers.

What actually happened?

Like every story, there are two sides. There is the Turkish view and the Armenian view.

The following is a list of links that will help you see both perspectives on the issue:

Last Updated: 8/12/16