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Broome Community College Transfer Planning Guide

For students wishing to major in History

The Department of History offers a wide variety of courses exploring human societies over time and across the globe. For a major, History requires a minimum of 10 courses distributed as follows:

Four courses: one from each of the following areas: (1) United States , (2) Europe, (3) a third area, e.g., Middle East, Asia, Africa, Latin America , and (4) world history or inter-regional comparative history.

At least five 300 or 400 level courses, one of which must be a senior seminar.

At least one other history course. However 100 level or introductory courses do not count if taken in the junior and senior year. Only four 100 level (including no more than two courses numbered 101, 102, 103 or 104) may be considered toward the major.

Only one independent study (HIST 397) may satisfy the major requirements

Only one major requirement may be taken under P/F

Advanced Placement credit does not count toward the major.

Honors courses do not count toward the major (HIST 498-499)

No more than four courses may be transfer red for major credit from Broome Community College and other academic institutions.

Recommended Transfer Equivalencies from Broome Community College

The History Department awards credit for Broome Community College history courses within the above guidelines and recommends taking a course from each of the 4 geographic areas listed below:

United States

HIS 130 – United States History I

HIS 131 – United States History II

HIS 175 – Local History

HIS 180 – Utopia: American Visions of the Good Society

HIS 183 – Women's History

HIS 187 – The United States Civil War: Causes and Effects

HIS 189 – First Peoples: Native American History

HIS 194 – Readings in African-American History


HIS 100 – The Rise of the West: 1599-present

HIS 155 – War and the Western World

HIS 156 – Nature and Western Civilization

Middle East, Asia, Africa, Latin America

HIS 141 – History of Modern Latin America and the Caribbean

HIS 163 – Introduction to Chinese Civilization

HIS 164 – Introduction to Japanese Civilization

World History or Inter-Regional Comparative

HIS 116 – The West and the World to 1500

HIS 117 – The West and the World since 1500

HIS 188 – Vietnam and America

In addition Binghamton University accepts all General Education requirements awarded at Broome Community College and encourages students to concentrate on the writing requirement described below.

Numerous other courses taken at Broome Community College can be used as electives at Binghamton University . Other courses from Broome may be approved for transfer on a case-by-case basis.

All transferred courses must have a letter grade of C- or better.

General Education and the Harpur College Writing Requirement

Numerous courses in the History major will help you complete the Global Inter-dependencies (G) requirement, Pluralism in the United States (P) and the Social Science (N) requirements. We recommend completing other General Education requirements before transferring to Binghamton .

The Harpur writing requirement consists of 4 writing intensive courses. Students may transfer in a maximum of one composition course (C) and two writing (W) courses.

Review frequently-asked questions

Download the most recent Gen Ed checklist at

For further information on required courses and electives, see the History Department Major Requirements.

Please note: This transfer guide outlines a plan of study that allows for efficient completion of the bachelor's degree program with full recognition of transfer credit equivalencies. Admission to Binghamton University is very competitive and satisfactory completion of equivalent courses or an Associates Degree is not a guarantee of admission.

If you have any questions about the History major, please contact:

Professor Stephen Ortiz, Director of Undergraduate Studies, Department of History

607 777-6716 or

Last Updated: 8/12/16