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Honors Program

The Director of Undergraduate Studies administers the honors program offered by the Department of History. Candidates for honors should discuss the program with either the Director of Undergraduate Studies or with the Undergraduate Assistant (LT-712).

The requirements listed below are for students who matriculated after fall 2013. All other students should consult with the Director of Undergraduate Studies regarding their eligibility for the honors degree.

To be eligible to earn honors, a history major must:

- Have a GPA of 3.60 in History

- Have taken at least one 400-level seminar course, in which the student must have earned a grade or A or A-

* Both of the above conditions must be satisfied by the end of the student's next-to-last semester.

All students must now write an honors thesis.

The student must arrange with a faculty member in the History Department to supervise the research and writing of a thesis, and with a second member of the department to read the thesis. Students writing an honors thesis may (but are not required to) register for HIST 498 and 499. These courses may not be used to satisfy the history major requirement. For more information, the student should refer to the "Rules Governing the Preparation of Undergraduate Honors Theses," available from the undergraduate director.

As an assessment, the thesis will be judged worthy (of honors, high honors or highest honors) by the faculty supervisor and one other member of the department (or a faculty member outside the department approved by the undergraduate director). In case of disagreement between the two readers, a third is designated by the undergraduate director. This work may be completed during the student's last semester.

Applying for Honors:

Students must submit an application for the honors degree in History. Students who wish to commence their honors work in the fall should submit their application by the beginning of September 7. The deadline for spring will be 31 January. Students should consult with a potential faculty advisor as they complete their application form. Please note that meeting eligibility criteria does not guarantee the right to do honors work: applications will be reviewed by potential faculty supervisors, who will then decide which applicants will proceed to conduct honors work.

The Honors Application Form can be found above, under "important forms."

Honors Thesis Deadlines 

The following deadlines are meant as a guide to assist students and faculty in ensuring the timely completion of honors work. Each student has a slightly different schedule and program. Students and advisors should therefore review this list together, highlighting the deadlines that apply to each individual student's honors program.

Spring 2016 (Similarly timed dates each semester)

3 March 2016 - email confirmation to DUS that you are indeed trying to complete an honors thesis for spring graduation

25 March 2016 - First full draft of thesis is due to advisor

22 April 2016 - Final full draft of thesis due (to be read by supervisor and second reader)

6 May 2016 - Supervisor and second reader must submit their decision directly to DUS- does it meet the "honors" criterion?

12 May 2016 - Final copy of thesis (for binding) is due: students must submit to the Advising Office. Details on this can be found in the Undergrad advising office (LT 712)

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