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Student Learning Objectives - Revised 2013

By graduation, all History majors will have:

1. The ability to assemble, analyze, critically evaluate, and incorporate sources (primary and secondary, as relevant) in their research; they will have the skills to analyze a variety of different types of written texts (or, when appropriate, other kinds of evidence) and identify how each is shaped by author, audience, and the context in which it was constructed.

2. The ability to write clear, cogent, and complex prose.

3. Knowledge of major historical themes, processes, and events, as well as some of the critical and theoretical methods for interpreting these; although no single course is required, and thus students have widely varying areas of expertise, they should have a general understanding of the development of the region(s) or specialties in which they have concentrated.

4. Knowledge of some of the interactions between different parts of the world or between different groups within a single society and how these relationships have affected the development of respective regions, ethnicities or identities.

Last Updated: 8/12/16