Making time to care for emotional wellness is more important now than ever. Taking even just five minutes for yourself each morning can make a difference in your mood and set a positive tone for your day. Try out a few different self-care resources below to see what works for you.

45 simple self-care practices for a healthy mind, body and soul


Taking short breaks throughout the day to meditate can result in an increased ability to focus and manage negative emotions. Here are just a few quick meditation videos to put your mind at ease.

Three minute mindful breathing meditation

Five minute meditation you can do anywhere

15 minute guided meditation to find peace in uncertain times


Organize your thoughts and soothe your mind by getting it all down on paper.

Bullet Journaling

Get organized and create some more routine in your life through the crafting and organizational tool combo. To learn how, click here.

Get outside!

Gardening, walking even just sitting in the sun.

Essential Oils

Diffusers, bath bombs, herbal soaps, incense and candles. You can find them almost anywhere.


Quarantine and chill playlist. Here's one example.

Stimulate your mind outside of schoolwork

Read a book you enjoy, do a puzzle, learn a new language.

Get creative

Make art, play music, or cook something delicious.

Self-care and mindfulness apps


Free. Guided breathing exercises to alleviate anxiety, excess stress and low energy.


Free premium access for new members through the COVID-19 crisis. Access to on-demand help for stress, anxiety, and depression. Uses clinical techniques such as cognitive behavioral therapy.

Aloe Bud

Free basic access. Provides tools for building routines that match your lifestyle. Users can set reminders to hydrate, move, breathe, rest and more. 


Two-week free trial. New meditations everyday, relaxing sounds for better sleep and exercise routines. 


Meditation and relaxation aid. Boost confidence, reduces stress and anxiety. Guided meditations, soothing music and bedtime stories. 


Free access until July1 for teachers and students. Move your body and find some peace by practicing yoga a few times a week.