Mental Health Advocacy Series

What is the Mental Health Advocacy (MHA) Series?

The MHA certificate training program is a non-academic bearing series designed to empower students to become educated on mental health awareness, increase access to resources to those who need them, and create an environment on campus that is open to discussion and peer support.

The MHA certificate program consists of five components relative to mental health:

  • Stigma and University Counseling Center (UCC) Awareness,
  • Suicide Awareness/Prevention,
  • Stress management  
  • Anxiety and depression and
  • How to help a friend

How Will This Series Benefit You?

As a student leader, you may encounter students that are experiencing stressful situations, and you'll be better equipped to help them get the help they need. Also, this is a great resume builder, as it shows an extra dedication and commitment to the field. Even if you're not interested in mental health as a career, the skills are invaluable, and will help your interpersonal skills and build knowledge about something we all deal with – life situations! 

Ready to join?

We'd love to have you! Send an email to to sign up.