Mental Health Outreach Peer Educators (MHOPE)

Mental Health Outreach Peer Educators (M-HOPE)

The peer educator group, M-HOPE, provides students with tips about coping skills, managing stress, increasing emotional awareness, and understanding how to engage in self care. In addition, M-HOPE educates students about on and off-campus resources, and how to navigate them; and trains students how to help friends who may be struggling. Check out the program offerings and resources below.


M-HOPE Mission

Through outreach and advocacy, M-HOPE Interns are dedicated to make Binghamton University a healthier and safer living and learning environment by:

  1. Educating the Binghamton campus community about mental health and wellness,
  2. Connecting the community with University and off-campus resources, and
  3. Working to reduce stigma around mental health issues through formal programming and informal dialogue.

The M-HOPE team serves the campus in many ways, including:

  • Campus-wide programs,
  • Outreach and tabling,
  • Facilitating first year seminar lectures,
    RA events,
  • Serving on campus committees,
  • and more!