The HDEV staff includes a professional academic advisor and peer advisors, who will work with you to plan a program of study and answer question about careers and graduate school. 

Coordinator of Academic Advising and Student Services

How academic advisors can help you

  • Provide current and accurate information about the University's and department's academic and personal requirements and help you keep track of your progress toward meeting degree requirements
  • Assist you in developing a course of study, including the selection of general education, major and elective requirements
  • Provide you with information about campus resources and offer referrals
  • Offer assistance if you have academic difficulties; this may include referring you to the Writing Center, CCPA Career and Professional Services or the University Counseling Center
  • Be available (in person, by phone or via email) to discuss any concerns or questions you have
  • Provide information on study abroad, internship, independent study and volunteer opportunities that can help enhance your academic program