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Tracking Your Progress
Toward Your Degree 

Degree Works and DARS are electronic degree-audit systems that access the University's student records system to create reports for you, your academic advisor and the Registrar's office.
If you were admitted after fall 2013 use Degree Works
If you were admitted prior to fall 2013 use DARS

Degree audit reports show your progress toward your degree and provide regular updates so you can make informed decisions at registration and avoid unpleasant surprises prior to graduation.

Learn to read your Degree Works/DARS report

Read your Degree Works/DARS report carefully and check all information, including your address, bulletin year and major. If you need help learning to read the report, the HDEV peer advisors can help. Bring a copy of your Degree Works/DARS report with you whenever you meet with an HDEV academic or peer advisor. If you have problems with the report, contact the HDEV Academic Advising Office immediately.

Your last semester

The Degree Works/DARS report serves as a graduation check when you are in your last semester and have declared that you are a candidate for graduation. The systems are also used to certify completion of degrees by the Office of Student Records and Registrar Services.

Last Updated: 9/15/17