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Academic Honesty and Ethics Policies 

Academic honesty

All members of the Binghamton University community have the responsibility to maintain and foster a condition and atmosphere of academic integrity. Specifically, this requires that all classroom, laboratory and written work for which a person claims credit is in fact that person's own work.

Review Binghamton University's Academic Honesty Code 

Ethics policies and procedures

The College of Community and Public Affairs (the home school for the Department of Human Development) is committed to upholding the highest professional standards of ethics and integrity. Such standards are the core of any community-based or public-affairs profession. As we prepare students for professional practice, we must, in effect, attest to their moral character. We consider it our collective responsibility to articulate our basic values and to engage in activities to ensure our students, faculty, staff and administrators demonstrate ethics and integrity. Review College of Community and Public Affairs Academic Honesty and Procedures. 


Last Updated: 9/15/17