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Transfer Credits

If you have taken college courses before matriculating to HDEV

...and you have an associate's degree

A minimum of 60 credits is transferred if you have previously completed an associate's degree. Courses taken in addition to associate's degree requirements are reviewed on a course-by-course basis. Only courses with a grade of C or better are considered for transfer. The maximum number of transfer credits accepted from a two-year school is 80.

...and you don't have an associate's degree

If you do not have an associate's degree, your courses are evaluated individually. A course must be graded C or better to be accepted for transfer. For courses taken on a pass/fail basis, the grade of P is considered to be the equivalent of a C or better and is eligible for transfer. If you have acquired upper-departmental credit from a four-year institution, you may transfer up to 88 credits.

Speak with an HDEV academic advisor if you have questions about transferring credits. You may also want to visit the Undergraduate Admissions website for transfer students.

If you have taken college courses at another institution after matriculating to HDEV

You may transfer in credits for courses taken at another college or university if you:

  • enroll in courses at an accredited two- or four-year college;
  • take liberal arts courses or theoretical professional courses (business, computer science, education, human services, etc.); 
  • and earn a grade of C or better.

Approval by the HDEV academic advisor  is required BEFORE taking the course. You must complete the Petition to Take Courses at Another Institution (258kb PDF). If you prefer a hardcopy of the form, you can pick one up in the Peer Advising Office, UDC-450.

When the course is completed, you should request that an official transcript be sent to the HDEV academic advisor. When the transcript is received, the advisor will evaluate your work and send you a statement of transfer credit accepted. The total amount of transfer credit will be recorded on your Binghamton University transcript and will be reflected on your Degree Works/DARS report.

Grades earned at another institution do not transfer with the credits to Binghamton University. (When applying to a graduate school, you will be required to submit a transcript for all academic work. Thus, grades from all schools will be a factor in admission to graduate school.)

In cases where questions arise about the transferability of a course, the HDEV administrative team will review and provide a recommendation about the status of a course. 

Course-specific notes

  • HDEV 200: Introduction to Human Development, HDEV 400: Social Justice and HDEV 475: Practicum in Human Development are not transferable courses and must be taken in the Department of Human Development at Binghamton University.
  • HDEV 300: Social Science Research Methods is not transferable without the evaluation of a relevant course syllabus and departmental approval. As such, it is expected that the research methods course is equivalent in scope to HDEV 300.

Last Updated: 9/15/17