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Major Requirements/Curriculum

The HDEV major requires a total of 124 credits. Details about specific requirements needed to complete the major appear in the University Bulletin (be sure to select "College of Community and Public Affairs" in the "Undergraduate Fields of Study by Department" box).

NOTE: A double degree — a bachelor's degree in HDEV from CCPA and a second bachelor's degree in another major from a different school at Binghamton University — requires a minimum of 156 credit hours. Learn more about double majors.

Core courses

  • Three introductory social science classes (courses in the 100s and 200s)
    • One must be from psychology (PSYC)
    • One must be from sociology (SOC)
    • One must be from anthropology (ANTH), economics (ECON), geography (GEOG), history (HIST) or political science (PLSC) 
  • Four core courses
  • Two courses from each of the three core learning areas (six courses total)
    • HDEV 301-339: Theories of Human Development
    • HDEV 340-379: Social Action and Policy
    • HDEV 401-479: Working with Individuals and Groups)

In addition, HDEV students are required to complete the University's General Education requirements (see below).

General Education requirements

Baccalaureate students entering any SUNY-operated campus in 2000 or later are required to complete a General Education program of no fewer than 35 credit hours specifically designed to provide knowledge in five broad areas central to the academic experience of all undergraduate students:

  • Language and communication
  • Creating a global vision
  • Natural sciences, social sciences and mathematics
  • Aesthetics and humanities
  • Physical activity and wellness

General Education requirements vary depending on the year in which you matriculate at Binghamton University; requirements are detailed in the University Bulletin for that year. For example, if you matriculate in summer 2015, fall 2015 or spring 2016 you would follow the General Education requirements as stated in the 2015-16 University Bulletin.

For complete information and details on General Education requirements, go to the Gen Ed requirements webpage. A Gen Ed Planning Sheet 2015-16 (36kb PDF) is also available.

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